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The last few days seem to have flown by. Eye doctor appointments, one an annual with a very nice doctor. The other also a nice doctor but I see him more frequently. Fortunately all is well with my eyes.

I've also been working on a business proposal. I was contacted by a private school in my area to discuss an after school cooking program. Very exciting! I've missed teaching especially with young people.

After a few emails to get more info, I toured the school and would be open to the program. Of course with Covid, not totally sure what will happen, but I've submitted a proposal.

The program would be offered to 6th, 7th and 8th graders and due to Covid rules, classes cannot be mixed so the program would be offered three times. Middle school people are some of my favorite. Stay tuned, school starts August 11th.

I've been cooking of course every day but trying to use freezer foods and get control of the pantry. We've had some good dinners, I just haven't thought much about pictures.

Some dinners:

Lots of meal leftovers for breakfasts and dinners, love leftovers!

Now a quiet weekend. Some cleaning, some knitting, some menu planning for Monday grocery shopping.

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It's time for tomatoes and I found some nice ones this week while shopping. Husband and I generally eat two meals a day - a late breakfast/early lunch and dinner. He is more on the side of traditional breakfasts but sometimes can be swayed to more of the lunch side.

Bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwiches! I made them a week of so ago and while good, I felt mayo was needed. I don't like mayo unless it's home made.

Growing up and well into adulthood, I ate sandwiches with no condiments. My mom liked Miracle Whip and I didn't even like the smell. Tried other mayos, no deal.

Tuna salad? No. I ate tuna with salt and pepper. Potato salad, macaroni salad, nope.

And then I married my husband, a Southern person with a serious love of mayonnaise. I don't like it on a finger accidentally when I make him a sandwich! But then I tried home made mayo and loved it! On fries, on sandwiches, but it's kind of annoying to make for a quick sandwich. We don't eat that many sandwiches.

And then I saw One Minute Mayonnaise and thought I should try it. Bacon takes 25 minutes in the oven so I had a minute. I could even slice tomatoes and wash lettuce. And make toast!

So worth it and actually just takes a minute. And now I have some for another day. Maybe another sandwich this weekend.

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I was matched again this week with Lasagna Love. Just one family, a mom and her son. Mom mentioned how helpful it was to have food ready to eat since her son is non-verbal and autistic.

I made chicken lasagna and a batch of meatballs since I had time and am sure the food will be a help.