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I worked a bridal registry event on Sunday for KitchenAid! First one in almost two years. I had a very nice morning. The retailer holds the event in the morning before the store opens so couples can take their time, talk with vendors and associates with no stress.

I spent my time with lovely couples answering questions about KitchenAid products, helping them decide what they need or don't need, giving them some additional ideas and items to think about. Very relaxed working morning.

Once home, it was time for brunch and I was ready to eat. After I cooked! I sauteed a sweet bell pepper and then layered the pepper on a flour tortilla with slices of leftover chicken, some queso fresco and fresh cilantro. Folded it over, browned and warmed in a skillet and husband and I had quesadillas for brunch. Lots of meals from that roasted chicken!

And then I had alone time since I spent time with people. Balance is everything. I also took a nap since I woke up at 3 am. Way too early.

Dinner was planned to be easy since I knew I might not feel like cooking. We had a picnic meal. I seasoned and roasted a pork tenderloin, so quick and easy. I tossed tomato cubes with oil, vinegar, salt, pepper and basil, I made a potato salad.

I don't like mayo, so no mayo salads for me. I used old style mustard, parsley and dill. The picnic meal was delicious.

Monday I had a load of laundry to do. Only one load because we sort into three bags and when a bag is full we do a load. We never spend a day or a weekend on laundry.

Husband had a hearing aid appointment in the morning so I made breakfast for me before he made it home. He didn't starve, he made a smoothie. I decided on sourdough spelt toast, fresh raspberries with yogurt (a little lavender sugar) and two slices of prosciutto. Perfect and kind of a picnic again.

Dinner was easy since husband said bolognese sounded good. Thaw sauce and boil water!

Plans changed during the week. Tuesday was worship night and we generally go to Arepa Mia before but it was Butcher Box delivery day and by the time we needed to leave, no delivery. I was not comfortable letting it sit on the porch if we were gone, so we stayed home.

But we had leftovers and all was well. No wasting, no cooking, no stress. The order arrived about 7.

Rest of the week - Camarones Con Rajas served with corn chips, black beans and leftover tomato salad. Next up Bacon Leek Tart with salad for dinner Thursday and for brunch Friday.

Friday night dinner Italian Beef Sandwiches from the freezer and leftover potato salad. I know I have mentioned that I love my freezer and planned leftovers.

Saturday morning during yoga, I could only think of biscuits. I did my yoga but my thoughts were on biscuits. I'm not sure that is what my intention should have been. But we did have biscuits for brunch. It was a little later, well into traditional lunch time.

Big omelet of emmentaler cheese and Canadian bacon shared with husband and Maple Oatmeal Biscuits. With leftover biscuits!

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I'm still cooking and we've even had leftovers which means more in the freezer and more interesting breakfasts for me.

Recipes have all been good with some more than good. The orange chicken was great. I did not include orange segments but did squeeze fresh oranges. The sauce was not too orangey and not too sweet. Served with mashed yukon golds and asparagus.

We eat most of our meals in bowls, so handy.

I switched meals around some because I hadn't been in the mood to make pizza. I finally made zucchini pizza and it was excellent! I followed the recipe, added red peppers, used two pans. Make it!

Also good - Cod with Sesame Scallion Butter

Blue cheese dressing with our wedge salad with burgers, pork larb in lettuce leaves with scallion pancakes.

I pushed out the grocery shopping until Friday because I had too much food. I made up some sausage pepper sauce for penne pasta using several peppers I had and some hot sausage. No recipe but it was great and I had additional for the freezer.

Thursday dinner also made up with roasted salmon with a sauce of roasted tomatoes, olive oil, garlic and capers. Side of roasted red potatoes.

Grocery shopping Friday for mostly fresh produce. Green beans for dinner with roasted chicken and garlic bread.

Leftover chicken for Saturday dinner and bones in the slow cooker for stock. All done cooking for the week!

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I have not felt like cooking for some days but I seem to be better now and cooking more. I planned my menu from last shopping day until the 7th and am sticking to it for the most part. Some shuffling but that's easy in Plan to Eat.

My menu:

Saturday's pork chops were very good. I followed the recipe except I made 4 chops but kept the sauce the same. I wanted sauce to serve over noodles. And I put two chops in the freezer with plenty of sauce.

Sunday Thai Style Ground Beef also very good, also leftovers for brunch next day. I forgot leeks at the store so used a very big shallot instead. Served over rice with a side of broccoli.

I have a need to keep trying new recipes for macaroni and cheese. And I've found many good recipes. But I keep trying more. This one was good and made tons. I love gruyere cheese!

Also with this, I made maybe two thirds for dinner, put the rest in a foil pan unbaked and sent it directly to the freezer for the future. But still had leftovers for brunch. Planning is key for meals other than dinner and for dinner when no one (me) feels like cooking.

Leftovers for dinner the next day, we had choices, and always have stuff for a salad. I had a KitchenAid training call Wednesday from 2 to 4, so baked bread in the morning and needed easy for dinner.

New bread recipe and it was pretty and came out looking good.

Dinner was good and easy, I used pork loin chops for the meat since that's what I had and forgot a picture. It was a long day!

Another KItchenAid training call Thursday and have orange chicken on the menu. I personally am not sure about it. I am not big on fruit sauces on meat, but I liked the picture. It will be easy with potatoes and asparagus for sides.

I think I have to put on some make up now since people wanted to see me on Wednesday's call. Was not prepared for that!

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