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First off I love animals. I'm even coming around to squirrels although they ate through our living room wall several years ago. We have replaced our cedar siding with something squirrels can't eat. They are the most common wildlife seen around our house.

We live in a subdivision and although we are close to the river and national park lands, we are a subdivision with many houses, people, cars, kids, dogs. Not a forest.

Friday was burger night. I have a Big Green Egg, the weather was gorgeous so I grilled. Very hot coals meaning I toasted one bun at a time so I would not create bun charcoal.

There is some waiting when using the BGE so I was looking around off the deck. Surprise! I called husband to make sure I was not imagining wildlife and asked him to get my camera. I didn't want to move.

Look at this beautiful guy! He seemed comfortable and stayed I assume overnight, he was there when we went inside to eat. Now I need to create a stream or pond inside of the fence.

He was not there in the morning and hasn't been back but I hope he comes back.

Menu planning still trying to use things in the freezer. Butcher Box is on the way.

Chili back on for Saturday since I was supposed to work but did not. I made cornbread though and it was delicious. No picture. And did not use the recipe on the plan, this is the recipe I used.

Sunday made up day using leeks I've had, tomatoes, garlic, mahi mahi and served it over noodles.

Shopping Monday and I did not get sushi since I needed to use up fridge foods. And I've had this grilled cheese pinned forever. So good!

I found sausage pepper sauce in the freezer so used that for pasta. Not sure if I made the recipe up originally or found it somewhere but it was perfect and I used freezer food.

More freezer food on Wednesday. I loved this recipe and it made tons so into the freezer. I used flour tortillas, rolled in a piece of Monterey Jack cheese, topped with the pork and baked. Very good, easy and used freezer food.

I'm trying to get back to not cooking on Thursday since husband has a zoom meeting and I don't like to eat at scheduled times, just when we're hungry. So eater's choice. Husband chose sausage penne and I had scallops. Gold medal on using the freezer!

Although Publix had King Arthur flour on sale buy one get one so I got four bags of flour and like to put that in the freezer. But good sale!

I bought a new bread baker that was a good price at Costco. I've been wanting it but they are expensive but now I run a personal bakery so I did it. Costco price $95.

First try using the enclosed recipe. Excellent!

The loaf came easily out of the baker and what looks like burned on the edges, was just browned flour. It dusted right out.

Flour gets put to good use, this was part whole grain too.

Pork chops with tomato gravy from the freezer for Friday and a new recipe for potatoes. I need the freezer room!

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