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What's Cooking September 2022 Wrap Up

I am loving the cooler, some days, weather and sun. I had to take out some of the summer plants - tomatoes, basil, dead geraniums and add some fall.

I found out that I like to grow plants but do not like to plant them. But I did and of course bought too many and had to branch out to the front yard. Hopefully things will grow and the deer will not eat the front plants.

I got kale, cabbage, savoy cabbage, romaine, celery, petunias (meant to get pansies but will go back), mums. I confess I bought the petunias because I thought bees and hummingbirds might like them.

I kept one pot of basil, brought one small plant in, I'll keep the basil as long as I can.

I feel like I've been making easier foods because things got busier. But the freezer is there for me.

Quiche made with pie crust and bacon from the freezer. Bacon cheese burgers and salad, hummus, cheese, rosemary ham plate.

The cold plate was after school cooking. I did not want to cook after cooking with the students. I remembered to take a couple pictures. Mostly I'm pretty busy during class.

We made caprese pasta salad, blueberry corn muffins and chicken salad for the lunch theme.

I roasted a chicken, made delicious lemon potatoes and then used the rest of the chicken and the carcass for soup the next day.

Bolognese from the freezer was so helpful since I've had knitting class, women's group and brunch with a friend. Brunch was great and seeing my friend after literally years was wonderful. She lives in Florida now and was visiting her daughter. We worked together many years ago.

Leftover pasta bolognese was good for two breakfasts also! Soup will also make a breakfast appearance.

Grocery shopping every two weeks with menu planning is working well. I've been menu planning for the two weeks in Plan to Eat. I plan 3 or 4 meals for the week knowing there will be leftovers and freezer foods.

I know the proteins I have in the freezer so look for recipes that sound good or match the need for ease some nights. I also keep in mind seasonal produce - broccoli, green beans, kale, pears now. And things that keep well - onions, lemons, limes, garlic, peppers, cabbage, bok choy.

I look at the Publix ad for BOGO items, and there are a few things that are better at Publix - Greenwise arugula, Greenwise baby spinach, egg brand I like. I get the BOGOs even if I don't necessarily need them if they are items I use regularly.

Buford Highway Farmer's Market first, then Publix, then home to put everything away. A garage freezer and fridge help tremendously.

Knitting has been interesting. I know how to knit but never made mittens and really just wanted to meet some new people. New people meeting going well, double pointed needle knitting going. Still need practice but knitting can be taken out and redone. And redone again and again.

The end of another month. Since I have after school cooking today, I thought I'd get this out since I'll be tired. Planning ahead. Chicken soup for dinner tonight, leftovers. We're making sloppy joes, three ingredient macaroni and cheese and apple enchiladas for school.

Not sure about pictures, we'll be cooking!

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