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What's Cooking September 2022 Part 2

Much busier September and I think I'm liking that. Planning is still key to eat well, save money and reduce waste.

I am always glad that husband eats pretty much anything, goes along with any cravings and when I do ask what he'd like says "something good". That's my goal.

I made a skillet spinach lasagna and while the flavor was good, the recipe needs work. I weighed, measured, still had a lot of liquid and the pasta didn't cook well. Not linking to it, may try to change a few things.

Made pizza again and remembered to start the dough before I went to sleep. First night I made two pizzas, both the same, with pepperoni, banana peppers, roasted red peppers, red sauce, mozzarella. Leftovers, yay!

This dough says it can't be frozen, so two nights later I made two smaller pizzas with pesto from the freezer, shrimp and goat cheese with lemon zest. So good! I roasted the shrimp for two minutes before adding and baking on the pizza but I think I could have put them on raw.

My new Butcher Box came and included a 2 pound bag of pre-made burgers. Didn't order them, they didn't look perfect, I decided to thaw them immediately and try to just make a batch of taco seasoned beef.The burgers looked great once thawed, I crumbled, added some onion, spices, cooled, packaged into freezer bags and had some ready to eat food.

I made more bread since it takes a minimum of two days to make. It freezes perfectly and I had time so may not have time later. Also sometimes an egg and cheese sandwich is dinner.

Not photogenic, but Skillet Philly Cheesesteak is good. I am not avoiding carbs, obviously, but didn't want bread or noodles. Decided to bake some potatoes and serve the beef over the potatoes. Perfect! Added nothing to the potatoes, they were like a bun. And of course baked extra potatoes for a later breakfast.

Tomatoes were on sale at the store so I bought some knowing I'd use them for something. I used them with tuna. Sauteed onion, tomatoes, the roasted red pepper that was left in the jar from pizza night, garlic, capers, olive oil. Once everything was saucy, I poured onto my cooked pasta and seared the tuna in the same pan.

Yes I do like pepper! But another easy dinner because I did some KitchenAid work and needed quick and delicious after.

I had some cubanelle peppers I needed to use, so thawed a pound of Italian sausage, chopped up some mozzarella, added some red pepper flakes and stuffed that mixture into pepper halves. Baked at 400 until the sausage was done and peppers tender.

Made some pasta, heated some Rao's marinara and served the peppers on a bed of pasta. Very good with little effort.

After school cooking started with the 1st thru 3rd graders so I knew I would not cook once home. Thursday morning I made a slaw of cabbage, yellow bell pepper (needed to use), cilantro, and grape tomatoes. Once home I heated a package of the seasoned beef, put it on tostado shells with salsa, cheese and sour cream. Tossed the slaw with Bolthouse Cilantro Avocado Dressing and it was dinner.

I plan my menu knowing I won't want to cook every night and knowing there will be leftovers of some kind.

I had my new knitting class and everyone was very nice. The store has gorgeous yarn, I didn't buy any, but started my mittens. I didn't want to cook after class because we had lots of food already made.

Husband chose tostados and slaw, I thawed the leftover pepperoni pizza and made a little salad, and the peppers went into the freezer. No wasted food, no hungry people. No cooking

Often I think I won't make breakfast but then I get a vision and decide to cook. Husband is okay with visions.

There are many tostada shells in a package. I made sunny side up eggs, used a little quesadilla cheese, green salsa, and sour cream. Visions can be messy. But good.

Sunday night Thai Green Curry with Chicken. I never remember which curry paste is the hottest, red, green or yellow, so may have used heaping spoons and this was very zingy. But good.

This week I need to read for my women's group. Our book is The Time is Now by Joan Chittister. I need to prep for after school cooking. No grocery shopping for us this week. I've planned until September 26th.

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