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What's Cooking September 2022

September is a bit busier. Still having days when I don't feel like cooking and feel like eating most days. Still loving the freezer and leftovers.

Trying to use freezer things before my September Butcher Box order arrives.

I'd been putting off spicy grilled chicken sandwiches for several days and finally made them. My vision for the meal was to also make one minute mayonnaise and onion rings, so had to be in a cooking mood. Visions can be annoying.

I've never made onion rings ever! I don't like beer so never have it, used club soda. Worked well. Sandwiches also good, not photogenic.

Italian prune plums are one of my favorite summer foods but they are tough to find in Georgia, easier in Pennsylvania. But Buford Highway Farmer's Market came through and I was able to make this cake. Delicious summer tradition.

I used the bacon potato pizza from the freezer and it was perfect. And easy for dinner.

Made my favorite buttermilk brined chicken one night with sheet pan scalloped potatoes. The potatoes were delicious for dinner and for breakfast the next day. So delicious!

One easy dinner of seasoned, roasted shrimp and a caprese salad. Some nights need lighter food than others. I have been in salad moods lately. One great salad that was scheduled for dinner but moved to brunch was salad with poached eggs and bacon vinaigrette.

Yes, husband went outside the breakfast comfort zone for salad. But we both loved it. Poached eggs are my favorite and these came out pretty well, still need practice.

So many days, so many meals! We had porcini pot roast ( a repeat), salsa verde chicken pasta using the leftover chicken and a poblano pepper I found and roasted and added, made broth with the carcass, wedge salad with buttermilk dressing, spicy pork with noodles.

Forget to take pictures of everything but did remember the pork.

I've been buying blueberries and then needing to use them and baking. This cake was delicious!

My mixer is a 7 quart mixer so sometimes is too big for recipes. I remembered I had a 3 quart bowl and it makes such a difference!

For fun, I gathered leaves while we walked one morning and made a collection on the dining room table. I follow Emma Mitchell on Twitter and have her book The Wild Remedy and she made this suggestion. I love my picture!

I taught a cooking class at Newnan Carnegie Library. I'm so fortunate that I've been able to work with them for many years. the class was for adults (two child crashers with mom) and we made nice and easy food.

Creamy Lemon Herb Butter Ravioli, Italian Chopped Salad with Marinated Chickpeas, and Lasagna Grilled Cheese. Everyone did a great job and had fun. Also husband was there as my lovely assistant.

Need to work on my menu plan and grocery list now. Next week is busy with knitting class starting, after school cooking starting and KitchenAid work. For after school we added a session for the younger students so September I have two first graders and one third grader so far.

My women's group started this week and we're starting two new books. Very glad to be back with the group. And working on some bread now so I can stock the freezer.

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