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What's Cooking October 2022 Wrap Up

Another month gone and we still need to eat every day! Once I got back from vacation I decided to make sure to use all in the fridge before shopping. Every day I would say, not shopping today.

Zingerman's Detroit Style Pizza with romaine and tomatoes that were hanging around. We always have cheese in the fridge, there was some pepperoni, oil and vinegar, sauce in the freezer.

Porcini pot roast from the freezer with red skinned potatoes, lemon salmon pasta and burgers with porch greens. I harvested most of the kale and all of the romaine since we were getting a frost. Plenty for dinner for two.

Husband went to Greenville and I continued to eat from the freezer. We had a very nice selection of individual meals. I didn't shop until the 24th. We still ate well.

After shopping lemon salmon picatta, focaccia, salisbury steak.

I've planned a lot of soups, guess it's fall. Mushroom barley was delicious! Not photogenic but delicious. I used dried wood ear mushrooms because I rearranged my pantry and kitchen shelves and found them. Not sure why I had them but used them!

Salsa verde chicken pasta used up some salsa verde and chicken broth in the fridge. And it's one pot and tasty. Flounder with brown butter tarragon, gnocchi soup too. I used spinach for the soup since I was low on kale.

I attended a talk about bats, found out I do need a bat house and thought we'd eat out after. Like a date. But no, we discussed it, knew we had great leftovers so home for mushroom barley soup and focaccia. The soup heated well, I was concerned the barley would soak up broth but it was great.

Raspberries were .99 per package so I bought some for granola and yogurt topping. But they wanted to be pie. So pie it was.

Plants are doing pretty well. The kale looks good and the romaine might be coming back. The celery is gorgeous and the petunias are hanging in.

I planted some kale, cabbage, savoy cabbage and celery in the front yard but there is no kale. Something liked it. A lot. Whatever animal likes the romaine, does not like cabbage and iffy on celery. No kale for me except for the back porch pot.

I brought the citronella plant in and so far it seems happy and no one inside is eating it. Yay.

For Halloween husband and I steam cleaned the bedroom rug. That meant we had to take the bed apart to get under it. With cats it was very necessary. Very hard work but now very nice and clean. Of course that meant washing mattress pads, dust ruffles and disturbing cats. Cats do not like change! Or noisy vacuums and steam cleaners.

Luckily I planned steak, broccoli and baked potatoes for dinner. No hard cooking after hard cleaning.

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