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What's Cooking October 2022

Happy Fall! One of my favorite seasons with cooler weather, sun, plants still growing. The last couple weeks have been a little busy and I've felt more that I'm assembling meals, not cooking.

Still eating though. From the last after school session, Three Ingredient Macaroni and Cheese was delicious. And student approved.

Tried Greek Inspired Sheet Pan Meatballs and they were good. The recipe made a lot, they froze well and can be used a couple ways. I used half pork and half beef. Served them with rice and a tahini sauce.

Sausage quiche is always good. Also easy with a frozen pie crust. The recipe only used half a pound of sausage and half a package of fresh mushrooms, so I cooked the whole pound of sausage and the package of mushrooms and half went to the freezer. I can use it for pizza, or quiche, or omelets or frittata. No green peppers.

Salmon Florentine not photogenic but delicious, chicken schnitzel over arugula, mustard herb crusted pork tenderloin, and one dessert.

I saw this recipe for Fluffernutter Peanut Butter Cookies and had to make them. So very good.

I had a lot of salad greens somehow so we ate several big salads. One with the chicken schnitzel, one with grilled flank steak using this spice blend, one with grilled tuna with this blend. Also made a nice lime vinaigrette.

We got a new grate for our grill, cast iron, and I love it!

In work updates, I took two online training classes through ICN to keep up to date with my training consultant training. I spent the day at the dining room table taking Foundations of Training Excellence and Cultural Diversity. Excellent classes, well done online, hope to get out and train soon.

I've been doing some KitchenAid work, demos at one of my favorite stores with nice staff and nice customers. I've been demoing espresso, pasta and the spiralizer. Staffing still understaffed and mostly customers are patient and kind which is always good.

My plants are doing well - celery, kale, romaine looking great.

The basil is still going strong. I'll probably try to bring another pot in soon.

I have one mitten! And started the mate. I think the second will go much faster. I hope so.

One last update, I'm going on vacation! By myself. Leaving tomorrow. I found a nice looking bed and breakfast and have some tentative plans. I'll be eating out, hopefully going to the beach and doing some relaxing. No responsibilities. I'll be taking knitting and maybe I'll get the second mitten done. Husband and cats in charge of the house.

Hope to have some vacation tip updates when I get back Friday.

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