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What's Cooking November 2022

I've been cooking but not using a lot of recipes. Still trying to keep waste to a minimum and use what I have.

Some easy things like steak with broccoli, tuna with roasted tomato sauce and fettuccine (halved), Thai Red Curry Noodle Soup (not photogenic but delicious), taco salad with the seasoned cooked meat that was frozen, pork tenderloin with three ingredient macaroni and cheese.

The weather has been nice and it's easier to grill now that it's not 100 degrees I decided to smoke a chicken. I based the recipe on this, but made my own rub with smoked paprika, salt, pepper, granulated garlic, onion powder, honey granules and maybe thyme.

The chicken was wonderful! I also made scalloped potatoes with leeks.

The potato recipe makes a lot, but also good for breakfast with eggs. So good!

Still trying to use up items I had from last grocery run and Costco. I made lemon asparagus pasta and added shrimp. Lemons and asparagus from Costco, shrimp from the freezer. I roasted the shrimp before adding to the pasta.

And then I went to the store. The fridge was very empty and ready for more produce. Mostly produce since I bulk buy meat and seafood.

I love chuck roasts! And had one from a good Butcher Box deal. The recipe also came from Butcher Box and I adapted it a little.

Buns did not seem right to me, so I decided to make rice bowls. I sauteed bok choy, bell peppers, mushrooms, garlic, baby leeks, some soy sauce, ginger. Very good!

A lot of beef on the menu but we hadn't had any for a while. I made beef wraps but with a little adaptation. No picture, too hungry. We ended up with more of a salad with romaine, naan on the side, beef on the side, tzatziki.

And another beef, Sheet Pan Mongolian Beef. I've made this many times for us and for a gluten free personal chef customer, make sure the soy sauce is gluten free. This time I use broccolini but have used broccoli, asparagus, green beans, and all work well.

We've had warm weather and some rain recently and the plants are growing. We are heading to 31 degrees this weekend so will harvest romaine and kale again.

The celery on the deck and the cabbage in the front garden are doing well. No animals seem to like the front cabbage but have demolished the romaine. Maybe I'll get to harvest cabbage. Unless it freezes. We'll see.

We also have a beautiful camellia plant on the side of the house.

I've been planning for Thanksgiving and so far think the main course will be a pork roast. I have one in the freezer, stuffing will pair well with it and also mashed potatoes. Probably creamed spinach. Not sure of dessert yet. Husband will not eat pumpkin pie but will eat pumpkin roll.

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