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What's Cooking May 2022

First things first. I made this pie today and have not tried it yet, it's cooling, but the house smells wonderful and it looks pretty. The directions are well written and easy to follow. Mine cooked longer than the recipe said, but my pan is heavy ceramic.

Back to what else was cooking so far this month. And I must say the month seems to be speeding by.

I had a box of spinach that still was looking great, some leeks, eggs always and cheese. Bacon too in the freezer. And we both love quiche. This was very good for dinner and for breakfast the next day.

Mine stuck a little on the sides of the tart pan, but it did come out with coaxing. We both thought it was better tasting the next day.

In addition to wanting to use up things in the fridge and pantry, I didn't want to go grocery shopping. I decided to go the rest of another week. I did warn husband that meals could get weird. But I think all went well.

Love this recipe for meatballs. Love it. One night spaghetti and meatballs. One night pizza.

Since I thought ahead about pizza, I made this dough that takes longer. Not hard, just time. And it is very good if you plan a little. I divided the dough into three pieces and made three pies.

Foraging for toppings - sauce and meatballs leftover, pepperoni, mushrooms that I sauteed, banana peppers, roasted red peppers from the pantry, parmesan, mozzarella, burrata.

Delicious dinner! Since we had some slices left and a whole pizza, one meatball pizza went onto the freezer for a future dinner. Well wrapped and labeled. I cooked it before freezing so will just need to heat and eat.

My plan was to go out to lunch at Arepa Mia after career day and then we could just forage for dinner since we wouldn't need a huge meal. Plans change!

Career day was wonderful. The school is an elementary school and fourth, fifth and sixth graders attended career day.

Many, many businesses showed up to talk to students. In addition to me as a chef, husband came for photography, the SWAT team with their vehicles, the library, Delta airlines, fire department, a couple non-profit groups, Johnsonville sausages (he cooked too), Bojangles, department of education, funeral home, three or four colleges, so many more.

In the week leading up to Friday career day, the students all wrote resumes to hand out as they wanted to businesses. Many wore suits, dresses, all were dressed professionally. They asked questions of the businesses that were interesting to them.

We were there until noon, and Mr. Barnes made sure we knew that lunch was catered in for us. So we went to lunch in the library and it was excellent. I need to find that name of the caterers. We had salad, curried chicken, braised cabbage, braised greens (the best ever), rice and beans, pasta primavera and very good apple pie. We did not go to Arepa Mia.

We made it through until shopping with steak salad, burgers and salad (I had a lot of greens) and finally Monday the 9th we shopped. And had sushi, wings and fried rice for dinner. Buford Highway Farmer's Market is the best. I had one impulse buy, not chocolate but potatoes, small yellow potatoes. Could not resist!

Tuesday the 10th I had fresh food to cook! Although I used naan bread from the freezer instead of toast for broccoli melts. Excellent.

I planned for two weeks of menus and hope to go shopping after two weeks. Planning is key.

My plants are doing well. New wildlife on the deck - a Northern flicker, a raccoon, and now so many cardinals, robins and thrashers.

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