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What's Cooking June 2022 Wrap Up

Oh my. I remember that camp was over, I went on a business trip and now it is July. Things happened in between, going to try and bring that time back to my mind. Sunday after camp I went on a business trip.

I was wary about airplane travel and car rental, but off I went. I was fully prepared to experience delays and issues but I got through security with no problems, our plane was delayed about 30 minutes, we landed in Seattle early.

My rental car was ready and off I went on a 2 hour drive to Ellensburg, WA. A gorgeous drive though beautiful country. Once in Ellensburg I checked into the hotel, relaxed and met co-workers for dinner.

Monday morning I went to Ellensburg high school to attend an ICN class - Menus of Flavor Latin Cuisines. Three of us - Robert, Lydia and I were attending as a train the trainer class so we are able to teach the class. The class was also a pilot delivered by Chef Megan to about 25 school nutrition professionals from the Ellensburg area. Double duty class. A very good class.

After class I drove back to Seattle, checked in with no problems, waited for my 11:30 pm flight and we took off on time. Landed in Atlanta about 7:30 am. Husband picked me up.

A little confused since I left Monday evening from Washington state and got to Atlanta Tuesday morning. It felt like I hadn't finished Monday. But no travel issues.

We stopped off at our polling place to vote in the runoff and went home. Showered, had tea, toast, went to bed. Tuesday made more sense once I woke about 1:30.

What we ate : salmon with roasted tomato sauce and pasta, sherry creamed mushrooms on toast (not photogenic but delicious but I had to use marsala, no sherry) , one pot broccoli alfredo pasta (added chicken)

Also peach cobbler since we only got a spoonful at camp.

Roasted chicken with lime coconut glaze that became a soup with bok choy, stock from the bones, leftover chicken, leftover rice from dinner. Stir fried beef with garlic sauce (not photogenic but good), slow cooker Korean pork tacos.

Greek potato salad ( not as good as I wanted it to be, maybe I wasn't in the mood).

Beautiful hamburger buns.

And strawberry buttermilk cake. Delicious!

I know my butcher box came, we did grocery shopping, Costco shopping, I ordered spices, tea, organized the freezers, refrigerators and pantry. We are fully stocked.

I've been making iced tea, unsweetened and I have been enjoying it. I don't normally like green tea but love the Asian pear, hot or cold, elderflower citrus and white peach.

And now it's July! The plants are a little crazy but luckily we're finally getting some rain.

Tomatoes and basil.

Thai basil, dianthus, oregano, mini tomato.

What to do this month? Cook of course, maybe a website update, menu information for fall after school sessions, knitting (the sweater back is done) reading, maybe some organizing to travel in August.

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