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What's Cooking June 2022 Part 2

Life has been a little busy lately. Lots of cooking both at home and at school camp.

What we've enjoyed:

Grilled Pork Burgers - these were excellent! I used yogurt for the yum yum sauce since I am a mayo hater. The grill I think is necessary for taste. I wondered about a side since the slaw was part of the recipe but decided to grill some baby bok choy. Perfect!

I tossed the bok choy with some olive oil, soy sauce, red pepper flakes. Everything on the grill.

Also grilled some okra and new potatoes (par boiled) and then butterflied a pork tenderloin and tossed it on the grill. It cooks quickly, then served it with this sauce.

And then cooking camp started. For home meals we had Creamy Pork and Egg Noodles. Add spinach to the pot.

Easy meals all week. Big salad with cooked shrimp, burgers and corn, buttermilk roast chicken (leftovers for a big salad one night with cold chicken), bolognese from the freezer.

Because at camp we made:

Monday: Summer rolls, scallion pancakes, wonton soup.

Tuesday: fresh egg pasta, perfect garlic bread, meatballs in tomato sauce, chicken alfredo pasta. We compared fresh pasta to dried, fresh was preferred!

Wednesday: chopped salad, caprese salad, Greek wedge salad, easy flat bread.

Thursday: English muffins, fresh strawberry jam, turkey breakfast sausage, crustless quiche.

We had some down time while we waited for dough to rise and jam to reduce, so we fed strawberry caps to the school chickens. School chickens!

Friday: frozen vanilla custard, blueberries with lemon cream (we used raspberries), creamsicle mousse, peach cobbler.

No pictures on the last day. We had some waiting time but luckily could feed the chickens some red cabbage and peach skins. And then everything was done and devoured. Desserts are delicious.

We had quite a gang of parents and teachers enjoying some of the recipes when they realized we had extras. We had amazed adults who kept saying "you made this??!!" The students were so very proud of their work.

Saturday a day of putting equipment away, doing some laundry, getting ready to fly to Seattle on Sunday. I'm taking a class on Monday through ICN.

I told my student cooks that I was taking a cooking class and they were surprised. Guess that means they thought I was a good camp teacher! But they were excellent.

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