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What's Cooking February 2022 The End

February seemed like a pretty average month for me. Although the world is hard.

I made dinner every night as always and stretched out grocery shopping another week.

Saturday was pizza night. King Arthur's Easiest Pizza dough for the crust. Two pizzas for dinner and leftovers, one dough ball to the freezer.

One pizza with marinara from the freezer, banana peppers, mozzarella, parmesan, pepperoni. Delicious.

One with alfredo sauce (Rao's from a jar), sauteed spinach, muenster, parmesan. Also delicious.

I had beef bourguignon from the freezer, over noodles. Since the beef had carrots, celery, mushrooms, I thought that covered our vegetables. More than none.

I had quite a few potatoes, onion, peppers and some Canadian bacon so decided to make scalloped potatoes. I based the dish on this recipe. I used my braiser pan and first sauteed onions and cubanelle peppers, then added the ham and proceeded with the recipe. Very good!

Spicy Shrimp with Tomatoes and Grits, wonderful! I added some fresh spinach to the shrimp to get the greens in. I try and always have spinach around.

I baked again, pound cakes are a favorite for me. This stayed fresh on the counter all week.

Breakfasts included leftover scalloped potatoes with eggs, quesadillas made with the remainder of the beef bourgiugnon (a stretch for husband but very good), I thawed puff pastry like I wanted last week and made some nice tarts. Delicious.

By the weekend I was afraid our meals would be too weird but I did well. One night I thawed the spanakopita and made some home made shake and bake for pork chops. Both good.

Sunday I roasted salmon and thawed some bean stew. Delicious! And Monday was grocery shopping day!

New menu plan which will probably shift some, but for now I have a plan and groceries to match.

I worked a few days for KitchenAid training some stores on the new 13 cup food processor and bread bowl. Both pretty great and got to see some of my store friends.

I also applied for a new job. Not sure what will happen but it involves training and I enjoy teaching. The cut off date is the 28th so not sure when I'll know anything. It's not full time and will be somewhat random I think but I'm not looking for structured work. Not ready to retire, I like working. But not full time with structure.

Still trying for yoga three days a week, still meditating and added it to my calendar to get reminders. I am finding the book for my women's group very interesting, Wisdom Distilled from the Daily: Living the Rules of Saint Benedict Today. We read two chapters and meet every two weeks to discuss.

So much still going on in the world that is overwhelming and hard to understand.

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