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What's Cooking February 2022 Part 2

I've been busy with some work and of course lots of cooking. Some new recipes and some I've made before.

Repeat recipe but no picture . This time I used pancetta but have used bacon in the past. All good.

Broccoli and white cheddar shells, not bad in a photo. Also tasty and I packaged for freezer portions. Three individuals for freezer, one baking dish for dinner and a little leftover. I freeze the individual portions before baking.

Picture and although not photogenic, delicious and easy, creamy pork and egg noodles.

Another I've made several times but is always good is baked parmesan pork chops. I cut the recipe in half, sometimes I don't need leftovers. Also my chops were boneless.

New recipe, very good, I used 5 Thai chilies, should maybe have gone with 3. I served it over rice with broccoli on the side.

Work is picking up a little. Had a bridal event for KitchenAid on the 6th and will have another on the 13th. I also picked up a new job.

I wasn't looking for a new job but was referred by a friend who had the job but decided she wanted to go in a different direction from cooking. When she told me about the job she said it was random and a little weird, so of course I said I was interested.

I spoke with the woman who assigns the work and she seems very nice. We haven't met in person, I'm not sure where she lives. She said the jobs are random and she said they can be strange. I like variety!

So far two jobs - the first was the 11th. I needed to buy some items for a gift basket - basket, champagne, chocolate bars, add items sent to me - robe, slippers, eye mask and create the gift basket. I then delivered it to an instagram influencer. I know I'm being vague, but I'm not sure how much I can disclose about the customer.

Second job was to make an arrangement of bacon roses and I'll deliver them on Monday morning. No, I've never made bacon roses before. Lots of info once googled.

I baked the roses and will arrange them on stems, in a vase with a card. I think they'll look pretty nice. Pre baked roses.

I had the last session of after school cooking with the 6th and 7th graders. We made Valentine treats. No pictures because I was on my own and there was a lot going on. So much melted chocolate! And sprinkles too.

We made oreo truffles, strawberry fool, and raspberry brie bites. Lots of fun and I'll miss this group but agreed to offer a session in March for 4th and 5th graders. This will be the first session offered for this age at this school.

My outside plants have perked up. We had some cold weather and some ice but they seem to have made it.

Mint looks nice and ready to grow.

Pansies are all starting to flower again. I need to remember to give them some water, it's been dry.

I'm planned through Sunday and then need to add to the menu plan. Tonight is chicken parmesan and zucchini spaghetti. Both repeats. Sunday will be salmon salad, I'm craving salad.

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