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What's Cooking February 2022 Part 1

I made it until Tuesday to go grocery shopping. Yay me. And we had green things with dinner, not mold.

I had fresh spinach to add to the pasta. Friday night greens covered.

Crispy cheese pizza is so good. And a little kale salad perfect side. This is very light, fluffy crust. More like foccacia with toppings. Delicious!

Sunday fun day for dinner. I was craving a crispy chicken sandwich. Applesauce for a side. Not green but tasty, fruit and from my freezer. I had to make mayo since I don't like store purchased mayo, I annoy myself sometimes, I added sriracha for heat.

Some changes to the recipe for mayo - I use half olive oil and half grapeseed oil. For the chicken I use less oil for frying and I use grapeseed oil.

By Monday I was pushing it but found sliced turkey in gravy from Christmas, stuffing from Thanksgiving in the freezer. LOVE the freezer. And two zucchini left from the pie, roasted zucchini for the green.

I was ready for lots of green so after shopping Tuesday I made spanakopita. I used the recipe from Smitten Kitchen and it was wonderful. Just a couple small changes - I used a 5 ounce box and a 16 ounce box of spinach so just a smidge more. My filo dough was a one pound package, Athens brand, with two 8 ounce packages in the box. I used only 8 ounces of dough.

For Wednesday I used the remainder of the mayo, julienned celery root, carrot, red bell pepper, tossed all with the mayo and added some lump crab for a salad. I served with a loaf of the bread from last post.

Back to school Thursday, I asked what they wanted to make and taco bar was the response. Menu: beef taco filling,quick pico, chicken filling but used salsa verde, queso, guacamole ,

chocolate quesadillas. Whew!

For the dessert quesadillas - 6 inch flour tortilla, spread with some cream cheese, sprinkle with some chocolate chips, fold. Cook in skillet with melted butter until browned on both sides. We served with a drizzle of dulce de leche and fresh strawberries.

My plan was to have spanakopita for dinner after class but husband was not able to come to class so I was exhausted! Once home I unloaded, washed dishes, drank a lot of water and sat down. That was a mistake. Once down hard to get up. Heating spanakopita seemed too difficult.

My dinner - roasted pumpkin seeds, toast, Muenster cheese and a blood orange. Weird but perfect. Husband did not get home until 11, not idea if he even ate.

Friday night easy dinner - steak seared and finished in oven, baked potatoes, green beans. Simple. I also started Saturday dinner by marinating the vegetables and beef. Sounds good.

We ate early Friday because I was hungry. No need to have a snack, just make dinner. But then I had a craving and had to make treats.

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