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What's Cooking August 2022 Part 2

Still cooking and eating, using fewer recipes, making things up more and cooking more simply. I go through phases.

We've gone through a lot of bread! Again phases. I finished a loaf in the kitchen, went to the garage freezer to get another loaf and no bread to be found. I had refreshed my sourdough started but decided to make honey buttermilk too. And King Arthur sent an email about S'mores bars so I had a baking day.

Everything very good. The sourdough loaf is one of my regular breads now. I made some changes to use 200 grams of whole grain flour and this time I added sunflower seeds. I also use half whole grain in the honey buttermilk.

I needed an appetizer night so made queso to have with chips. Didn't feel too bad since there were peppers in addition to the cheese.

It makes a ton so into the freezer for later with some. But not with the fresh cilantro. I think if I thaw it and heat slowly that it should work.

The heat got better so using the grill more. It's tough in 100 degree weather to use a grill at 400 degrees. One night salmon and zucchini. Just tossed the zucchini in olive oil and seasoning. Put it on first to get nice and brown then simple salmon.

Used the porch basil to make pesto. Used almonds instead of pine nuts. Had some pesto pasta with the salmon.

I love leftover cold salmon for breakfast so no worries about leftovers. Thought I made too much zucchini but we had no problem with it for dinner. Husband says no way to cold salmon so everyone is happy.

Next night, no pictures, flank steak and small potatoes on the grill. I love potatoes so always make too many, also the steak was big. So leftovers became a steak salad for me the next day and husband ate the potatoes with some wings he got when we went grocery shopping. We both love leftovers!

Freezer find of Korean pork and made vegetable pancakes for a base for dinner. We loved the pancakes so we were happy to have lots of leftovers.

Husband heated some to eat with his leftover wings for dinner one night. I chose fruit, hummus, pita chips and cheddar so still leftover pancakes.

No worries! For breakfast/brunch I used leftover rice, chopped pancakes, a few extra scallions, about a half of red bell pepper and some chopped Canadian bacon the make fried rice. Also some sesame oil and soy sauce. So delicious and no wasted food.

Other than cooking I've been trying to get out some. I've always been a home person and during the pandemic it was fine staying home. Recently I've felt the need to get out some and have been making an effort.

It is an effort for me. But worth it! I've visited with my friend who is having some health challenges now. We had a lovely visit.

I met another friend for lunch at Arepa Mia. Patio time with her was wonderful! We are committed to making time.

Took a field trip to a chocolate shop owned by Elizabeth who I'd never met but have wanted to for a while. She also was a personal chef. She also teaches cooking classes. She makes delicious chocolate treats.

Some of what I got from her, the cute little donuts have caramel filling!

I buy cheese from Sweet Grass Dairy, get it at Buford Highway Farmer's Market but also get emails from them. They had a sale (bogo) on the Green Hill so I ordered it. Also got a couple other types I hadn't tried. Order came quickly, packed well, I'd use online again.

Currently deciding on next week's "out of the house". Not sure if haircut counts. Also have more sourdough fermenting and will probably bake tomorrow. This time I added some mixed grains so we'll see.

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