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What's Cooking April 2023 Part 2


Still cooking but doing more foraging so I can use up some freezer things. And not remembering to take pictures often.

Made cumin beef stir fry and we both liked it. I had a couple flank steaks in the freezer (yes constantly organizing) so needed to use. I follow this site on Instagram and the pictures always look good. Taste good too.

I've organized the freezer using plastic bins. I have a bin for each type of protein - beef, pork, chicken, seafood so I can see at a glance what needs to be used. My bottom basket has ground beef.

Burgers one night, always good, last Butcher Box I got a bundle of ground beef so I have plenty. I still get Butcher Box quarterly.

Husband went to Greenville for a weekend so I foraged for myself. I found eggplant parmesan, and I splurged with lobster pasta. Delicious! I do cook for myself when husband isn't home.

I took a picture of chicken spinach alfredo! I had spinach I needed to use and this was quick, easy and delicious.

Cornmeal crusted pork chops and potatoes are delicious! I cut the recipe to make 4 chops (leftovers) and they were great heated too. Very juicy and tender. I'm trying to keep every Thursday as a forage for yourself day.

Green Chile Chicken Soup was delicious! I had roasted green chiles in the freezer to use up, a bag of Marcella beans to use, frozen whole chicken. I love soup. Now of course I have more for the freezer but it's cooked and ready to heat. I used rainbow chard, no pheasants were involved.

Leftover soup later in the week with honey cornbread muffins. These are muffins, not cornbread, good with soup and for breakfast.

And made bulgogi meatballs, recipe from Washington Post and may be behind a paywall. Wrapped in butter leaves and used furikake in the rice. I get the seasoning at Buford Highway Farmer's Market (they have many flavors), I think Trader Joes carries it too.


I'm embracing my senior advantage and went on a field trip to Oakland Cemetery. Bus trip down, guided tour, lunch after at Six Feet Under. Perfect!

The tour was very good. It lasted about 1 1/2 hours. The day was sunny and warm. I took pictures. Lots of history at the cemetery.

Flora and Fauna

No animals have been visiting, lots of birds. Some new visitors - cowbirds, rose breasted grosbeak, lots of goldfinches.

No new porch plants but my craft room plants are doing well. I'm getting quite greenhousy downstairs.

My citrus plant, peace lily and some kind of fern.

My window plants - African violets, peace lily baby, orchid, grapefruit tree, snake plant in front, my not a Christmas or Easter cactus.

Closeups of violet (blooming!), three year old grapefruit and orchid doing something, maybe a bloom?

Oh and avocado seed update. It took so long to prove it was alive but now it is thriving. May need to feed it something. Maybe even repot.

Now I have to go clean because my friend Patti is coming to visit! She will be a big part of May fun! It has been more than 3 years since we have gotten together because of Covid.

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