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What's Cooking April 2022 Wrap Up

It's already May! I thought I was kind of in control but no. April quickly ended.

Still cooking, working on using freezer items and making sure to have fresh produce at every meal. Husband was away twice in the month so menu plans changed. Grocery trip was rescheduled several times.

Our meals:

A new soup because no matter the season, I love soup. This was Velvet Chicken and it was delicious. Served with some breadsticks.

Since husband was gone another weekend, I made a pizza for me. One ball of dough in the freezer then I topped it with garlic oil, muenster, parmesan, mozzarella, artichoke hearts, grape tomatoes, banana peppers. Excellent!

I made myself burgers - ground meat and buns in the freezer. One topped with guacamole, so good. Again, the individual containers of guac, frozen, are handy.

I had asparagus that had stayed nice so made pasta. I try to always have lemons on hand.

Found some zucchini that were still great and made zucchini pancakes. Served it with salmon.

Grocery shopping so far has been pushed out two weeks further than originally planned. Meals went pretty well. Since I buy meat in bulk, I always have that in the freezer.

For fresh foods I've found that peppers, onions, leeks, Publix Greenwise arugula, romaine and spinach all do well.

We had a junk food night that actually was pretty well balanced with onions, peppers, tomatoes, cheese and whole grain chips.

The wildlife deck is doing well. I have attracted more cardinals than in other years. Also doves. I'm guessing the custom blend seed helps. And I saw a pileated woodpecker on the railing.

A new front porch friend. Husband really does not love snakes. Does not. I kind of like them and appreciate they have a job to do.

It got too hot for the pansies so I got new deck plants. I don't usually get red, I like white, but hummingbirds prefer red. Yes, small tiny birds are influencing my planting.

Some tomatoes, peppers, geraniums, basil, mint, the dianthus was a one stem survivor from the front yard that I rescued last year.

Geraniums were never a favorite plant for home use for me. Every year on Memorial Day, my family went to the cemetery and took red geraniums to plant at the graves. So they had a specific purpose and use. I've mellowed and like geraniums for home now.

Some red but also this beautiful pink!

Workwise still doing some KItchenAid work. I'm also signed up to take a class from ICN and once I take the class I'll be able to teach it. I love teaching with the institute so looking forward to that.

I'm attending career day at Wadsworth Magnet School. I've attended before but it's not been held the past two years. Looking forward to seeing Mr. Barnes (counselor) again. No, I cannot call him by his first name. Yes, he is very nice and approachable, yes I've known him several years, yes we hug when we see each other, yes he is younger than I. But he is Mr. Barnes to me.

Also worked a little getting a plan for summer cooking camp. I'll be doing that for a week at Atlanta Academy.

Lots going on, now into summer!

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