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Weekend Roundup

I'm not even sure when a weekend starts, but it's Sunday and I think I'll start the roundup from Thursday until now. Mostly because I have time and we went grocery shopping Thursday.

I have not felt much like putting a lot of effort into cooking. My plan for Thursday was to buy sushi when we shopped. I love raw fish, husband does not. But he could get what he wanted. Usually lemon pepper wings, I'm not a wing fan. Perfect.

Still trying to menu plan and still loving Plan to Eat. My grocery list is always with me on my phone, I can add stores since I have a Costco list, a Buford Highway list and a Publix (BOGO mostly) list.

Salmon avocado roll and fresh spring roll (shared with husband) for me, wings and crab pancake for him.

Friday night, needing easy and to use up some pantry/freezer/fridge items I made a shrimp tomato feta bake. No recipe, I oven roasted bell peppers and onion until soft, added fresh tomatoes until it looked like the right amount, garlic, salt and pepper, red pepper flakes, oregano, a little tomato sauce I had leftover, after it simmered a bit, added shrimp and feta and then served over pappardelle noodles. Very good. This recipe is close to what I did.

Saturday I had work to do. Still am not sure how the after school cooking program will work out, covid may cancel it, but one of the requirements for vendors (me) is to have CPR.

I spent a couple hours Saturday doing an online course and I will certify in person Tuesday morning. The program may be a no go, but I thought CPR knowledge would not be bad to have.

Before I started my study, I needed breakfast. I took the baked potatoes I had (fridge extras), cubed them, roasted onion and red Italian sweet peppers in the oven. Also bacon. Topped with some cheddar and tossed everything together. Husband approved. Ready to study.

Dinner Saturday was a little more involved. Not hard, but I felt more like cooking. I made Braised Ginger Meatballs in Coconut Broth. Very good!

Sunday morning, not too early, I got Slow Cooker Bolognese ready. Still feeling like cooking so take advantage. I've made this before, it's not a true bolognese, but it's a good meat sauce. And I'll have freezer stash. I also had parmesan rind!

I am not normally a fan of cooking things before I use the slow cooker, kind of defeats the purpose in my mind, but I had time today. Also the vegetables and meat need the water cooked out. My slow cooker moves to keep warm once the timing is done, so I can ignore it until I make pasta and a kale (!) salad for dinner.

So now thinking of breakfast, and reorganizing the freezers. I have the kitchen fridge freezer, the big garage freezer and the garage fridge freezer. Currently all of my flours (lots), nuts and seeds are in the kitchen. They may move to garage. Lots of fun times here.

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