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Training Tuesday

I know, not a real theme day but training Tuesday flows. I mentioned that I have the opportunity to provide an after school cooking program although I'm still not 100% if it will happen.

One of the requirements is that vendors (me) need CPR certifification. I thought about it and decided that even if the program didn't make it, CPR knowledge is good.

I signed up for an in person class that was to be held last Friday but it got canceled. In talking with the training center they said I could do a hybrid - take the course and test online and then come in person to certify with an instructor. I did the online part last Saturday, and the course was good. Easy to follow, words, videos, tests along the way. I passed!

Tuesday morning woke up to so much rain, but had my in person training at 8:30 am. Always in my mind early appointments make sense. And then the alarm goes off and we're having tropical depression rains.

I arrived, spent about 30 minutes with the instructor working on dummy torsos and babies and I'm certified. Good for two years, online available for review during the two years. Learned a new skill!

In honor of that new certification, dessert was needed but had to be easy. I had two containers of blueberries in the fridge, found a recipe for Old Fashioned Blueberry Cobbler, off I went.

I id not measure the blueberries, just used both containers. Sadly we had no ice cream but still delicious warm. And so, so easy.

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