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Sandwich Season

It's time for tomatoes and I found some nice ones this week while shopping. Husband and I generally eat two meals a day - a late breakfast/early lunch and dinner. He is more on the side of traditional breakfasts but sometimes can be swayed to more of the lunch side.

Bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwiches! I made them a week of so ago and while good, I felt mayo was needed. I don't like mayo unless it's home made.

Growing up and well into adulthood, I ate sandwiches with no condiments. My mom liked Miracle Whip and I didn't even like the smell. Tried other mayos, no deal.

Tuna salad? No. I ate tuna with salt and pepper. Potato salad, macaroni salad, nope.

And then I married my husband, a Southern person with a serious love of mayonnaise. I don't like it on a finger accidentally when I make him a sandwich! But then I tried home made mayo and loved it! On fries, on sandwiches, but it's kind of annoying to make for a quick sandwich. We don't eat that many sandwiches.

And then I saw One Minute Mayonnaise and thought I should try it. Bacon takes 25 minutes in the oven so I had a minute. I could even slice tomatoes and wash lettuce. And make toast!

So worth it and actually just takes a minute. And now I have some for another day. Maybe another sandwich this weekend.

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