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Pizza Friday? No, Puff Friday.

I've been trying to use things from the pantry and the freezer because I do not like to waste food, and the freezer gets full.

I like using puff pastry for quick, fancy looking foods and had several packages of puff pastry in the freezer.

Why several packages?

  1. All butter puff pastry is harder to find. I can find DuFours at Whole Foods usually but I don't get there much.

  2. Trader Joe's has it but usually at holiday times. So I buy and stock.

  3. Publix recently started carrying a Greenwise version, but I didn't trust it would stick around, I stocked a little.

So, my menu plan had Mushroom Leek Tart that I've made before and it takes half a package of puff pastry. I have successfully frozen the remaining half, but that just puts things back in the freezer.

I pinned a recipe for a Roasted Tomato Ricotta Tart that looked good. Puff night!

I made a little change to the tomato tart. For the ricotta, I added some pesto instead of the fresh herbs because I had pesto in the fridge. I thought it was great. Husband too. And there are leftovers for Sunday brunch.

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