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Lots Happening

So much has been happening that I just have not taken the time to sit down and write out a blog. I have been cooking, teaching and cheffing even. Back to variety and loving it.

Normal day Wednesday just getting ready to class, packing equipment. Dinner (meal 2) was delicious! Lemon Chicken that happens to be gluten free, dairy free, soy free too. Maybe you'll b entertaining some family and friends with special diet needs to consider, this is great for everyone.

My last session for the 6th grade after school cooking was the 21st. I planned a treat time so we made peppermint (and Halloween bark), warm strawberry fondue and crispy treats. So much sugar!

Sprinkles, chocolate, cereal, candy corn.

Each person made a custom pan of crispy treats to take home and we ate the pan I made. Amazing how many sprinkles fit in an 8x8 pan.

I've been asked back for spring sessions so I asked what they might like to make next. They had thoughts.

Thankful to leftover fish pie for me and bean stew for husband. No cooking! Friday also brought to us by leftovers. I cooked some gnocchi, thawed meatballs and sauce I had, mixed all together and added a little mozzerella. Done! Started dough for pizza Saturday and am slightly obsessed with the white pizza.

Another pretty easy dinner, the dough is fast to make and I had frozen bechamel from last time we had it. So really just had to assemble pizza. I think I've mentioned loving my freezer.

Do you ever enter the contests you see on Instagram? Where you tag a friend and then can win product? I do it when it's easy and I won! Naan breads and dried figs. Lots of Naan breads so decided to make flatbreads on Sunday.

The bread came first so I used sausage, broccoli, goat cheese to top the garlic naan. Very good! Someone in the family (not the cats) does not like figs so all for me!

Monday was "try to make a balanced meal and wait until Thursday to shop" day. I found some peppers, had some shrimp and onions. Tossed the peppers and onions with some olive oil and pilsen seasoning, onto a sheet pan, into the oven. When they were soft, added the shrimp, another 6 minutes or so and we had sheet pan tacos with black beans. Balanced!

Tuesday I had a personal chef customer! This woman was referred to me by a personal chef friend who is no longer cheffing. My friend had cooked for her many years ago. The customer is 88 and still lives in her home. She just needs some meal assistance.

So sweet that the customer had saved all of the other chef's menus in a folder from 8 years ago! And I assured her that I could get the almond chicken recipe from my friend. And I did and we were all happy.

Great planning to chef on worship day so I could go out for my dinner!

My plan for dinner (meal 2) Wednesday was burgers and a wedge (still hadn't shopped) but for breakfast (meal 1) I used leftover pizza dough, leftover sausage and cheese and made breakfast pizzas. With an egg. They were delicious but no need for more bread for dinner.

Foraged and found my lettuce, some carrots, orange bell pepper, celery, blue cheese. Ended with kind of a wedge with a burger on top. So glad husband is agreeable for salad dinners. Also sometimes weird dinners.

Also Wednesday I attended a zoom class about India and Indian food presented by the Dairy Alliance. And the recipe looked so good that I had to make it Thursday. And could buy the ingredients I needed when we finally shopped.

I made Paneer Kathi from the chef who did the cooking demo part of the presentation. Very good!

And I felt the need for good, old fashioned Toll House cookies.

Lots happening, lots of variety, loving it.

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