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Lively Week

This is a more lively week than I've had for a while. I had decided that I didn't want to go out Tuesday night for worship and that was a good decision because I was out a lot the rest of the week.

Wednesday was a day in because I had a zoom cooking class to attend in the afternoon. At the beginning of the year I signed up for a dairy tour class and it has been wonderful! Every other month I get a box with dairy products and recipes for the class. The day of the class, a chef and a dietician present the class. They cover foods, dietary guidelines for the country, demo recipes and give a tour of the country. Brazil was Wednesday and I was unaware of all the variety of foods and environments.

Dinner Wednesday was the pizza I didn't make Tuesday. I had dough for two pizzas so made both. First pizza - half a jar of pesto, quarter container of ricotta, sauteed chicken breast, grated mozzarella and sharp romano. I spread pesto on the crust, mixed the rest with the ricotta. After pesto then the cooked chicken, dollops of ricotta, grated cheese. Really good!

Second pizza - marinara sauce from the freezer, banana pepper slices, chopped pepperoni (I had just a few slices so chopped covered more area), red pepper flakes, grated romano and mozzarella. Also very good.

Lots of leftovers for brunch before the next couple days.

henThursday was grocery shopping day finally. First Buford Highway Farmers Market, then the bird store for seed and suet, then Publix (bogo items) and then home to put everything away. Dinner was purchased while shopping, salmon avocado roll for me. Take a cooler when making lots of stops.

Friday was more grocery shopping, this time at Costco. I did not want to go but we needed things and with Labor Day coming up I wanted to avoid crowds. We get a lot at Costco - Kerrygold butter, lots of fish, dry goods, cleaning goods, charcoal, Rao's sauce, granola, yogurt, cheeses, wine. We did not need one because we purchased one a while ago, but they have lovely cat condos for a good price.

I did not feel like cooking Friday night but after a cool down and rest, I made Creamy Garlic Chicken Spanakopita, easy but good. No need to be fussy with the dough since it gets scrunched. For a side dish I tossed some fresh tomato with olive oil and vinegar, salt and pepper. Very glad that I cooked.

Saturday and another day out! Okay, only about an hour but that is a lot for me after all the shopping. I needed to be fingerprinted for my background check for the after school program that I hope to have.

Very easy to do, filled a form online, scheduled the fingerprinting scan and now I should have all the pieces I need for the school. Husband might assist if the program is popular so he now knows CPR and has a background check.


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