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Great Weekend

We had a great weekend, extending into Monday. Saturday morning we headed to the Freedom Farmer's Market because Moore Farms is there every Saturday and Laurie had a goat sitting gift for us. And if you look at the banner pictures, Laurie (in the apron) is there! With Tracy.

I told Laurie that we enjoyed goat, dog, chicken, duck, farm sitting and needed no gifts but love what she got us. First some California olive oil (they went to CA), some sourdough starter so I can make a white starter (named goats), some caramels.

We used some of the olive oil on our salad Saturday night. I toasted some salmon and used the Mediterranean (have to look up the spelling of this word every time) oil on the salad. No picture, just enjoyed. We also picked up a baguette which was good, but I like my bread better. And now I have to learn to make baguettes!

Sunday morning I had another KitchenAid bridal event. Love the store people and bridal events are happy. Once home I had a chicken avocado sandwich and chips for lunch. The rest of the day I relaxed.

Dinner was easy - oven baked ribs, macaroni and cheese from the freezer (home made) and okra purchased Saturday. We love okra.

Monday morning I fed and watered the birds and we did yoga. We try for three times a week for yoga, every other day, and we've been pretty faithful. After yoga I decided it was so nice outside that I had my lunch on the deck.

Leftover chicken and dumplings for me, husband declined. I sat and watched the birds. Lavender bush in the background.

We're getting a lot of finches, hummingbirds, woodpeckers and a bluebird now and then. I tried to take pictures. With my ipad. Humor me.

Hummingbird on the feeder.

Some finches, and a red bellied woodpecker on the feeder. Again, ipad.

I think the woodpecker is young, his head is not fully red yet and he almost looks like he's bald.

And then I did some knitting, a podcast or two, maybe a small nap. And then dinner. Pizza Monday.

I made stuffed pizza from my personal chef friend Amy. I've made this several times and it is good! Very hearty. This time I used a 6 ounce package of pepperoni, not sausage. I found a package of sauce in the freezer. And we will have leftovers for Thursday dinner. Planning ahead.

Great weekend, great start to the week.

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