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Great Week

A great week after a great weekend. This was a busy week for me which has not been usual during the pandemic. A pre-pandemic week for me was not as busy a many people's weeks, but the past two years, things have been slow.

I am a homebody, introverted, reading, knitting, happy alone person who always used home as a break, a recharging. It's been a while since I had to recharge from anything.

Husband went to Costco on Tuesday for adjustment to his glasses and I asked him to pick up some paper towels and look for a wine advent calendar. He got both! I read they sold quickly but now I'm ready for December. And beyond. I can't drink a bottle of wine a day (half bottle really) and husband does not drink.

Tuesday night was worship night and we ate out at Arepa Mia. I had the fried chicken with mango salsa arepa and it was delicious. In addition to the mango salsa there was tomato, avocado and lettuce and it was not a pick up and eat thing. But delicious!

Worship was wonderful as always with a very small group of 7. And then home to complaining cats because how dare we miss 8:00 pm treats.

Wednesday was shopping for my cooking class, a quick tour of my school room and a haircut! I thought maybe I'd let my hair grow a bit, but no, I need it short. It is now perfect! And the school science room perfect too - electricity, water, tough table surfaces. Dinner Wednesday fish tacos and slaw. No recipe and forgot pictures. I used mahi mahi with pilsen seasoning which is delicious.

The slaw was shredded red and green cabbage, carrots, red bell pepper, cilantro, green onion, olive oil, lime juice and a little red wine vinegar, salt, pepper. So good!

Thursday first day of school! So exciting. The dining room has not looked like this in forever!

Setup went well and we were ready for the students at 3:30. One small issue. My assistant (husband) loves to assist even with a small class. I've mentioned we've not been out much.

When we got to school and started unloading the car, husband looked at his feet and said "I am wearing my slippers". His big, shearling, fawn colored slippers. Not shoes. I had reminded him he needed his masks, his vaccine card, apron. Silly me did not think about shoes. Sigh. Slippers for school.

But all went well. The students had fun, we had fun, they made three salads so had lots of knife skills practice. Chicken Cilantro salad, Greek quinoa salad, and French market salad.

The school is SO close to home so we had time to wash dishes, relax and then have leftover stuffed pizza for dinner. And slaw. Planning leftovers into the plan is key!

Friday was a day of rest! I had been out of the house so much interacting with people. Fun but needed alone time. Dinner was meatloaf, baked potatoes, applesauce from the freezer. I sometimes am not a meatloaf fan but this was delicious. Patti and Diane both had already made it so I trust them with food.

Meatloaf is not very photogenic. I made a few changes - used panko for crumbs, 1 pound of ground pork, one pound of ground beef, salsa for the topping and divided into three freeform loaves so I could freeze two. Menu planning.

Protip - if you are baking potatoes always bake more than you need for the meal, I made two extra. Saturday morning I made quesadillas with leftover hatch chiles, scrambled egg and cheese and hash browns with one of the extra potatoes. Easy!

I tried another one pot pasta for Saturday dinner. Still wary although every one I've tried has been delicious. Lemon linguine also great.

Sunday another day of relaxing with reading, crossword puzzles, maybe knitting, maybe a nap. Burgers and salad for dinner.

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