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Freezer Foods

I've been trying to use more freezer foods for a few reasons. First, I have a lot in the freezer. Second, after working even for my few hours, interacting with people and getting home close to 5, I don't want to cook. Third, the food in the freezer is good!

I'm still planning. I find I buy too many things that I might use if I don't have a plan. It's good to have extra ingredients for maybe one salad and maybe one extra vegetable side, but more than that and waste might happen.

The Friday meal was excellent! No pictures because I don't always remember that I might blog, but so good! And pretty easy. Recipes here - Boston lettuce salad and Salmon Piccata.

I served the salmon over spaghetti and did not arrange the lettuce leaves like a flower. If I had, there would have been a picture.

Work days Saturday and Sunday so easy leftovers for Saturday since the end hour was longer. Sunday I made a recipe that we liked previously and still loved. Easy and I served some rice with the meatballs.

No food pictures, but this is my work. Pasta making Saturday and Sunday. I love making pasta and yes, the KitchenAid attachment really works.

No more work for a while for me. I was happy to get back to a more normal, but with covid rates rising and too many people without masks in stores, I'm fortunate to be able to choose not to work.

Seafood enchiladas were fine but not great. No link, still looking for more delicious recipe, the combo of crab and scallops is wonderful.

Worship Tuesday and we did not eat at Arepa Mia. I was surprised but I was craving the Italian store. The day was warm so we stopped at the deli, picked up sandwiches and chips and headed to the Atlanta Friends Meeting building.

There are tables behind the building and although the temps cooled quickly, we had a picnic before worship. Husband might have been freezing but we still enjoyed the meal.

Game day chili Wednesday so I'd have leftovers for the weekend. Planned before decision to not work. I made a few changes but nothing major and the chili was delicious. I had a piece of beef shoulder and used that. I thought I'd have to simmer it longer but not much, about 45 minutes.

I had cubanelle peppers so used an entire medium large and an entire small onion. More vegetables are not bad! I also simmered the chili longer overall. I like slow cooking something like chili. Still on the plan for Sunday.

The shoulder meat worked well. I used three chipotle peppers and the chili was not too spicy.

Bulbs are growing well. One of the bulbs has a bud, one is still taking it's time. Love seeing the differences.

Grocery shopping maybe Monday. Avoiding weekend shopping.

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