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End of School

It's the end of school for me at least for this semester. I had the last session with the 7th and 8th graders on Thursday. So much fun for all of us I believe because I have been asked back for spring semester. Yay!

My menu planning reflected the busy week. I am trying to keep balance and slowness in my home life while re-entering the work life.

I worked Sunday for KitchenAid and while I was home pretty early in the afternoon, I knew two days of talking with people would drain me.

Roasted salmon, roasted asparagus and lemon pasta. I'll link the pasta recipe but to me it was just fine, not great or good.

Monday was my booster shot day and restorative chicken soup that same day was just a coincidence. But a nice match. No big issues with the booster, my arm was sore, I might have been a little tired but otherwise fine. I'm not sure if there will be a paywall for the recipe.

This was excellent! Broth flavor great and heated up nicely the next couple days. Leftover planning.

I stuck with easy meals this week. Also I have a lot of ground beef in the freezer. I like to stock it since there are so many things to make with it. Of course I don't worry about dishes since husband is in charge of cleanup, but he deserves easy days too.

Ground beef stroganoff for ease and taste. I like the slight tang of the yogurt instead of sour cream and we always have yogurt. Really though we have sour cream as a staple too. And crema. Nope, no dairy problem here.

Wednesday I planned leftovers so I could have some time off. I needed to pack my equipment and ingredients for school since I had women's group Thursday morning. No time to pack then.

Fortunately this was treat week so I had the rice cereal, chocolate, sprinkles and most everything already purchased. I could stop at the store on the way home Thursday for cake and foil pans.

Leftovers for the win. Jerk curry meatballs for husband with the remainder to the freezer. Soup for me.

Thursday I had women's book group from 10 to 12 but leave home at 9 to get to the Decatur area. Then store, home, lunch, car loading, school.

We made one peppermint bark and one with M&Ms and sprinkles. So pretty and pictures would have been lovely. But no.

Pack up at 5, home, wash pans - melted chocolate and marshmallows, kind of messy. Husband had soup before his zoom. I thought brownies would be good, I had taken them out of the freezer Wednesday. I was tired and the thought of even heating anything seemed not possible.

Husband went to zoom, I showered and rallied and texted with my friend gang. Around 8 my stomach decided I needed to heat stroganoff. Usually when I'm hungry I don't want sweet things and I like warm food. Of course a brownie after with tea.

Friday pizza night. I made easy dough. While shopping I picked up an assortment of grape tomatoes of various colors. Roasting those for a topping and will add spinach and bacon. And a probably more traditional one with sauce, cheese, pepperoni. And leftovers.

Working Saturday and Sunday so freezer to the rescue Saturday with macaroni and cheese, pulled pork for bbq sandwiches. Salad stuff too. Burgers Sunday.

Still working on menu for rest of week, plan is to shop Monday so need to get on that. So far just potatoes and dessert for Thanksgiving.

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