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Eating Every Day

Still eating every day! Trying to use up the freezer since I got a big delivery from Butcher Box and my freezer is quite full. Also trying to spread out grocery shopping.

I try, really I do, but we were out of bagels so I needed to make some but that meant some for the freezer. Off I went!

I tried a new recipe from King Arthur since it was a little faster, and it was good but not my favorite, my favorite is this one.

Meatballs stroganoff is an old recipe from my personal chef association. This is most similar to it. Of course there are leftovers and I have them in my plan.

I found corn chowder in the freezer and that was dinner with blueberry muffins from the freezer. I cannot find a recipe for the chowder! It was good - corn, bacon, broth but I have no idea how it came to be in the freezer.

More freezer food - Costco pierogies, boiled, sauteéd with sauteéd bacon and onions. So very good. I'm not sure Costco has them all the time, I buy them when I see them. Clearing the freezer!

I apparently was on a stroganoff kick. And I had mushrooms and dill to use up. I've made the dilled pork stroganoff many times. An old favorite. And a great lunch on Friday! I've been craving cake, but did not want to make cake so made brownies. I like fudgy brownies and this is my favorite, easy, one bowl, lots of chocolate. Half to the freezer (sigh).

My women's group meeting is every other Thursday now so I planned leftovers. When it came time for dinner, I was not in the mood for meat. Husband had a serving of meatballs, a serving went to the freezer (it will never be empty) and I made grilled cheese for me. We were both happy.

Decided to take time to cook on Friday and made chicken and dumplings. This is another recipe I have made many times. It takes a while, it is worth it.

We also (okay really husband) dug through the side yard for any remaining potatoes and found a few. I will try to plant more intentionally next year since potatoes are fun.

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