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Easy Menus Needed

As you read, we did some farm sitting over the past weekend. I needed food and I needed easy menus so I could focus on all of the animals. I like to eat and sometimes don't want to cook.

First night Thursday I knew we would be tired and hungry and would be eating late. Even though the farm is only two hours from us, it is in the central time zone. Closing up starts about 6 and then final closing is 8:30 and then I like to relax and eat.

Thursday plan - made in Georgia sour dough crackers, truffle goat cheese, tomatoes, burrata, hummus, proscuitto, wine. Perfect!

Friday the plan was simple steaks, smashed potatoes, arugula salad. Almost too much still after the door fiasco, but we were hungry and appreciative.

Saturday still with the easy menu but we were much more comfortable in the time zone and with the feedings. I sauteed chicken, chopped romaine, bell peppers, burrata, oil and vinegar. So good, nutritious and satisfying.

Field on the way home.

I knew we'd get home late afternoon and we'd need to do some laundry, unpack, finish the weekend, cuddle with cats. Simple soup Sunday - chicken broth, soy sauce, ginger, rice vinegar, sambal oelek, green onions, napa cabbage and frozen pork/leek dumplings. Excellent! I don't measure the seasonings, just to taste.

Not wanting to leave the house Monday, I need to nest after being gone, I knew ingredients were limited but I still need to give us protein and vegetables and still not overly excited about cooking.

Deconstructed nachos to the rescue. Pork verde from the freezer, Italian sweet peppers and onions sauteed and added to the pork with black beans. Protein done. Corn tortilla chips for the whole grain component. Cheese dip, guacamole, for fun. Lots of bowls, sheet pans for serving.

Tuesday still needing dinner, still no shopping, decided to not go to the worship service (still nesting), found pizza dough in the freezer. Pizza is easy if the dough is made, just forage for topping ideas in the fridge.

But then change of plans, worship went to zoom because a few people have tested postive for covid. Kind of scary, all careful, all mask wearers, all vaccinated. We decided to do worship since it was at home. But no pizza, too much timing needed before a 7 pm service.

Quesadillas with the leftover pork and black beans! And a side salad. All bases covered. Pizza moves to Wednesday since still no grocery shopping, still not enthused about cooking. still need to eat.

Still like menu planning to alleviate some stress, love the freezer for easy heating of good food. But really need to grocery shop pretty soon.

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