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Catching Up

I am often confused on what day of the week it is, probably many others are too. I don't want a firm schedule, but maybe something more than I've had.

We try for yoga M,W and F but change if there is a conflict. Some structure but not always a help on what day of the week.

This week, worship started again after having a break in July. That at least is the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month, always Tuesday. Very much needed the small (only 7) group of people to spend time with.

Kimberly is offering virtual and in person options so check out her offerings if you have an interest. The women's group that I've liked is starting back soon so that will cover every other Thursday. Some structure.

We've had some good meals since Friday:

Saturday - Baked Greek Chicken and Rice, chicken stuffed with spinach, feta, served with rice. I changed the original recipe a bit, so not linking .

Sunday - my plan said "fish, broccoli", needed a little more detail and ended up with pan seared mahi mahi and broccoli alfredo , very good

Monday - burgers and arugula salad

Tuesday - Arepa Mia before worship service, my favorite, I had cheese empanadas, fig empananda (shared with husband) and avocado hearts of palm salad

Now to figure out dinner for tonight. Was going to be forage, but husband not going to meetings now, too much risk with covid levels. So I'll feed us both.

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