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Lots going on but my week started out slow so it was bread time. The last time I farm sat, Laurie brought me thank you presents and one was a dried starter from California. I named it Goats (of course) and used it once but things happened and into the fridge Goats went.

I brought Goats out over the weekend, fed, and started bread Sunday night. Since I seem incapable of making things easy on myself, I decided to try two recipes and double each one. So much dough.

Mixed things Sunday night, started baking, folding, resting, Monday and by the end of the day had 4 gorgeous loaves of bread. Goats did well. I made Sourdough Sandwich Loaf and Master Loaf.

Dinner was fresh bread and a big salad with steak slices. I could have just had bread but balance.

I made my menu plan with grocery shopping planned for the 12th. Original plan was the 8th, but I had enough produce.

Arepa Mia Tuesday night, Wednesday was not meatloaf because I went to the store for class groceries and decided sandwiches from the Italian store would be perfect for first meal. With a cannoli too. And since meal one was about noon, dinner needed to be lighter.

While at the Italian store I picked up some house made mozzarella so dinner was marinated mozzarella, tomatoes and arugula. With sour dough bread.

Birds! I put out food and water for birds and enjoy watching them on the deck. Wednesday morning I heard screaming crows and checked out their problem. Last time there were three young hawks flying around so I expected that again.

It was an owl! A huge owl that moved up a branch when I went to get the camera, but I got a picture anyway. He stayed 10 minutes or so, screaming continued, and then flew off. Gorgeous.

Today, Thursday is after school cooking so the meatloaf from the freezer is perfect. With maybe potatoes and sauteed spinach or spinach fettuccine if I have any extra energy.

Oh, the bulbs. I ordered amaryllis bulbs from Costco early instead of waiting until after Christmas and just hoping I find some. All planted, we'll see what happens.

Maybe I should look for paperwhites early too? And I need to get a chicken out of the freezer.

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