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Birds, Bulb Update and Bread

Thanksgiving week had it all. Birds, bulbs and bread. Maybe differently than most people would expect, but this is my life.

I might have forgotten that it was Thanksgiving week. While menu planning, I realized that I didn't want to shop Wednesday, couldn't shop Thursday and wanted to avoid Friday thru Sunday.

Tuesday it was! So I checked the fridge, freezer, rescheduled, added in Thanksgiving and off we went.

The shrimp and grits were wonderful. Very indulgent, very cheesy, very good. I used less bacon, a 5 ounce box of spinach and had many grits left over. Breakfast later!

I know that I get sushi every time we shop, but since we only shop every 10 days or so not bad. And since husband hates raw fish and loves wings, it works. If I add sushi as an ingredient note on Plan to Eat, sushi gets added to my grocery list. Perfect.

Coming home from grocery shopping we saw some of my favorite birds. I know people don't always like vultures but I really think they are wonderful. And we saw a bunch on the side of the road. They make me happy.

I won naan breads a few weeks ago, tossed them in the freezer and thought they'd be great for this steak wrap recipe. So good! I did sprinkle the wraps with a little water as suggested and they heated up perfectly.

We are not good wrappers in this family so I topped the flat bread with the steak ingredients. Perfect with a knife and fork.

No bird for our Thanksgiving. Sometimes we do, sometimes we don't. I have turkey coming in my December Butcher Box so decided on pork tenderloin. But still stuffing, fancy mashed potatoes, canned jellied cranberry sauce, cranberry relish, fresh green beans, gravy, porcini salt rubbed pork tenderloin, chocolate pie.

Chocolate pie needs it's own paragraph. First of all, Nancie McDermott is a very nice person, has very good recipes and writes good cookbooks. I have several - Southern Cakes, Southern Pies, Quick and Easy Thai, 300 Best Stir Fry Recipes. Recommend all.

This pie! I did not put the topping on since I wanted to leave the pie out of the fridge. And we cut very thin pieces. Very thin. So good.

Thursday night I stated that I would not be cooking on Friday. So of course on Friday I thought bacon would be good. And then why not biscuits. And of course eggs. Sigh.

But so good. Although there are only three ingredients, I didn't pay attention and used buttermilk instead of cream. Also did not even see to brush tops. Still great though.

Salmon tonight for dinner, leftovers for Saturday after working. And bulbs are growing well. One seems to be a little slower, but I know it will catch up!

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