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Another Full Week

I just finished another full week of cooking, working and life. So much cooking and so few pictures! I planned several meals with leftovers in mind since I was busy again.

Tried a new recipe for beef curry that was very good. I'd make it again but might use wider noodles. The very thin rice noodles seem to stick slightly. The beef tips from Butcher Box worked well for this.

Quiche lorraine since that's like breakfast for dinner. I love breakfast! Husband loves quiche. This was good and worth the time. I did have a light leak in the crust but it still came out of the pan. And leftovers for breakfast the next day.

Big dinner Sunday with a whole chicken and stuffing casserole. I've made it before, for personal chef customers, but not for us. It was good but not great. Needed more flavor so not linking. We ate the leftovers and will have the portion I froze but not making again. No need to pass on to others.

Monday was macaroni and cheese with broccoli and it was delicious. Made one pan for dinner and leftovers and one for the freezer for later.

Tuesday I made a pork chop recipe that I've made before and made 4 for leftovers. And mashed potatoes, no leftovers. The pork chops are sweet and sour tasting. So good.

Wednesday and Thursday were leftover days. Wednesday just because we had a lot of leftovers.

Thursday was the start of another session of after school cooking. This time with the 7th and 8th graders. So much fun! Beautiful salads.

Although I love teaching, there is no way I am making dinner after we get home! After teaching, unloading the car, washing the dishes, I just want to eat.

Friday I made baked potato soup because I had a lot of potatoes and I was craving this soup. I worked for KitchenAid Friday doing some training so this was easy to pull together.

It's nice getting back to work, I worked Saturday too doing KitchenAid training and loved seeing people that I haven't seen for almost two years. The staff I knew were all happy to see me too, nice to be in happy work places.

Saturday dinner sheet pan mahi tacos and slaw. So very good and no leftovers, we had plenty. I read in a recipe online to add lime zest and lime juice to sour cream for the tacos and highly recommend this. Second time I've done it and hope to always have limes when I make tacos. No recipe, just onions, peppers and mahi on a sheet pan with seasoning and roasted in the oven.

Sunday dinner I was going to cook but decided that pork chops with baked potato soup would be perfect. And it was. And I could relax more all day!

I started two different kinds of bread, two loaves each so they could proof overnight and I could bake Monday. I have another full week next week and do not want to be without bread!

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