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Quick update since the weeks go by so quickly. This is going to be a combo of recipes, plants, life. First off, the potatoes were delicious! I think the whipped feta would go nicely with vegetables as a dip too. Also the pork chops were excellent after freezing and heating.

I used very easy recipes this past week and many items from the freezer. What we've had the past several days:

  • An old favorite, made up soup using a frozen container of chicken broth, ginger, soy sauce, chili paste, chopped bok choy, frozen spinach pork dumplings. No picture.

  • Baked fish fillets with tomatoes and spinach. I had the recipe in my database but had never made it. I ended up making several changes and it was easy, balanced and had no leftovers.

  • Worship service was scheduled for Tuesday night, but husband had a photography job and was out of the house ALL DAY, so I stayed home. By myself. Of course I needed to make dinner, freezer bolognese to the rescue.

  • Pizza the next night with a ball of dough I had in the freezer. Bolognese sauce, parmesan, mozzarella, banana peppers. Delicious! I usually make three balls from the King Arthur recipe and it freezes well once coated with olive oil and placed in a freezer bag. Thaw overnight and let sit on the counter a few hours before making.

  • Hatch meatloaf, baked potatoes and broccoli. Pro tip - make extra baked potatoes so you can have them for breakfast.

In life events I had a haircut, a dentist visit, my women's group last meeting for this year, a new throw for the living room taken over by the cat and a visit with my friend Rosemary.

I took lunch for Rosemary since her last two weeks have been way too eventful. First she had a car accident where she actually rolled her car, totaled it, but came away (as did her friend) with no injuries.

The she had knee replacement surgery the next week which left her not walking for a couple days. On Friday I took sandwiches for us and her husband who works at home. Also some other food so her husband could easily feed them. My friend is a chef and while she is using her walker and a cane soon, and doing her therapy, it's hard to make meals when you can't stand. Or shouldn't stand. She's doing well.

I wanted easy food for us to use freezer items and because I wasn't sure how long I'd visit. Didn't want to exhaust my friend. I planned chicken parmesan pizza using the naan bread I had, jarred pizza sauce, and no fresh basil. I did sprinkle some arugula on top once the pizza was baked. Very tasty!

When I was gifted the naan bread I also was gifted some dried figs. Friday I had an email from the fig company with a delicious looking cookie. Had to make them!

Husband who has said he did not like figs, had two immediately. They are great! And easy.

Plant update: I was early for my haircut so I stopped and bought some pansies. Couldn't help myself, too gorgeous. Put them on the deck in the empty pots. They have not been bothered by squirrels.

And the amaryllis.

Had nice space in the freezer when my Butcher Box order came. A little late and over a couple days, but my order came. And fits in the freezer after my freezer menu planning.

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