About me


I started my personal chef service business in 1998. I enjoyed cooking all of my life but was pretty sure restaurant work wasn't for me.

I did some research, discovered personal cheffing and thought I'd give it a try. I left the corporate business world to see if cooking for people was something I'd love.

I do love it and enjoy helping people who are too busy to cook and eat at home, too busy to learn to cook, just do not like to cook. 

After a couple years, I decided to see if teaching cooking classes might be something else I'd like. I started off with young people and found I enjoyed teaching. I enjoy working with people of all ages, individually or in small groups. 

I've taught at Cook's Warehouse, Metropolitan Cooking Show, many Georgia libraries and in client homes. 

I like to use good equipment and have been fortunate to work with KitchenAid as a product specialist for countertop appliances for over 10 years. I demo and train KitchenAid retail customers, and their customers



After all the years, I still love helping people to eat well. I hope we can work together sometime.