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Working Week

Working Week

What a tiring week! I usually spend my work days standing, moving, washing dishes, chopping, cooking and organizing. This working week has been extreme. 

 I arrived in Chicago Thursday, met my co-worker Nancy and hit the ground running. Thursday wasn’t too extreme although we worked hard.  Nancy was nice and we worked well together.

Friday we received groceries for the demos, organized and got ready for the International Housewares Show. We worked in a nice little kitchen area. 

Friday dinner we went with some other KA folks to The Kitchen. We had a great dinner but had to start early on Saturday, so home to the hotel to get some rest. 

The show officially started on Saturday and we were at McCormick Place bright and early. Nancy and I were responsible for the demo area. We had two chefs that were doing demos for KitchenAid, using KitchenAid equipment. 

Demos went on all day with about 15 minutes between. We whisked the one person off and whisked the next one on. We prepped food, did dishes, kept to the schedule, grabbed a couple bites of food and put in a 12 hour day. 

This was setup for one demo, one chef. 

Here are Lisa and Matt, our charges. 

Nancy and I put in a good 12 hour day and headed back to the hotel. Exhausted! I do not usually enjoy room service, but there was no other option for me Saturday. I was tired, so I  ironed my chef coat while room service came to the rescue. 

Working Week Continues 

Sunday morning back to McCormick Place to continue our working week. We prepped, washed, organized, timed, cooked, served. 

The exhibit space was gorgeous. 

We only worked 11  hours Sunday so felt strong enough to go out to dinner. Nancy went with friends and I met up with some other KA people. My group went to Harry Caray’s. I loved dining close to the hotel since I had another early day Monday.

Monday was pretty much more of the same with our demo chefs and our work. We had another 11 hour day and felt we could get to dinner. Nancy and I were joined by my KA boss  and we went to Maggiano’s .

Tuesday was a little different. The show ended at 3 on Tuesday so demos were up to Nancy and me. We were responsible until noon when we would do the final cleaning up for packing prep on Wednesday. 

Nancy started with coffee while I made smoothies in the ProLine blender. 

Next, I made guacamole while Nancy made a potato gratin using the sheet cutter. 

Nancy layered potatoes, cheese, chives and bacon to make a delicious gratin. Very popular. We cooked on with risotto for Nancy in the multi cooker and tomato basil soup in the blender for me. 

It was then noon and Nancy and I washed all of the dishes since our water was removed Tuesday afternoon. We finished cleaning and we had about 30 minutes to look at other products. We didn’t get to see much since the lights go off at 3 so the booths can be torn down. 

Working Week End

Everyone scurried around the display moving every piece of equipment to designated conference rooms. The tear down was complete in 30 minutes. Amazing!

Nancy and I left at 3:30! After a short, 8 hour day we decided to rest, pack and go out to dinner. We met at 6 in the lobby, headed out to do some shopping for a birthday present that Nancy needed. 

We decided at 7 that we were hungry and needed to look for something while walking back to the hotel. Yes, walking. Although we walked and stood all day, ALL DAY, we walked. Average miles per day at the show = 3. 

We found The Dearborn and we decided we needed burgers and fries! So good. My packing went well but I added several clothing items to my bags. The weight limit is 50 pounds! 

Wednesday we met at 7:30 in the lobby, had breakfast and then packed our kitchen. All of the clean dishes, equipment, serving pieces, were packed to be sent back to KitchenAid. 

Also every other piece of equipment in the display. 

We finished packing about noon and were completely done with our working week! My flight was at 5:20 and I got to Atlanta about 8:30. I had dinner at the airport in Chicago so dinner at home was a bagel and tea. Husband made a buttermilk  pie also. 

Thursday back to work teaching my cooking class with Adam. Still no cooking though, I went out to dinner with friends Laura and Barbara. Pretty good barbecue at Smokejack BBQ.

And now it is Friday! Time to menu plan for next week, work for KitchenAid and maybe even make dinner tonight. Although being gone for almost two weeks might make cooking a little tough. There is always bacon and eggs. 

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