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Week Two 2018

Week Two 2018

Week two 2018! A pretty busy week and totally not normal. I cooked a lot. I like cooking but even I was surprised. 

Friday the dinner plan was all on the grill. There were also rolls mentioned but they did not happen. In case you are not aware, there is a recall on romaine lettuce and I think I will be avoiding it. 

Friday though I used some but I cooked it, so thought I lowered the risk of e coli. I made some chicken skewers with a honey lime dipping sauce and a grilled caesar salad. So good! 

Lots of leftovers on the chicken too. Saturday we went grocery shopping since we had plans for Sunday. Still confused on my days. 

Once home I started the dough for the rolls. Dinner was rolls, leftover chicken, leftover manicotti, easy evening. 

The rolls were amazing! I have never made Parker House rolls before and will make them again. They heat up well too.

Menu Plan 

Sunday we had a fun day. First up the ballet with Sleeping Beauty and a Russian Company at The Fox. The ballet was at 3 so we ate breakfast later at home – rolls, bacon and eggs. After the ballet we went out to dinner at Cooks and Soldiers. Following the plan! 

I totally forgot to take pictures but everything was very good. Outstanding were the Tostado de Conejo (rabbit), Lomito de Cerdo (pork tenderloin) and Veal Cheek. Also my cocktail Briza. We thoroughly enjoyed our day out. 

Monday back to work. On a Monday, more normal but no school for the kids so still not normal. I don’t see the kids very often so we had a nice chat about Christmas presents. 

I made a couple new recipes and some requests. They love the braised pork and I did not incinerate it this time. Also poached pears and sheet pan chicken fajitas

My dinner plan was salad, but it was cold and rainy and had to change. I took some turkey stock from Thanksgiving out of the freezer, added noodles, heated rolls and we had hot soup. 

It’s not all about cooking in my kitchen. I love paper whites and try to remember to start some in December. Husband went to Home Depot a week or so ago and graciously picked up some bulbs. Almost ready to bloom.

New Projects

New for week two 2018, I taught a class Tuesday morning to a women’s group. We made two tasty salads with seasonal ingredients. The temperature is going back up so salads will be good for meals. Winter Fruit Salad and Apple Cabbage Salad

Our plan Tuesday was to go out to dinner before worship service but I was exhausted. I do feel like my cold is over, but decided not to add 5 more hours to my day. Luckily husband is flexible and we had frozen cheese pizza. He added pepperoni and roast red peppers to his. I added artichoke hearts and roasted red peppers to mine. 

Creative Day

I am not a person to make resolutions. I prefer to learn something, not give up something. The past two years I wanted to bake more and I think I’ll keep that going. 

There are so many things to learn in baking that I have plenty to try. I also want to keep some time for knitting, quilting, whatever. I am trying to add Wednesday as creative day. That leaves things open for creativity. 

Wednesday morning I made a cinnamon roll cheesecake. Baking and creativity. Also husband loves baked goods. 

The cheesecake was delicious! And cinnamon has some health properties. Okay, grasping there. 

Thursday morning we went shopping for a garage refrigerator. About a week ago the garage refrigerator decided to quit working. It was old and served us well. I thought that maybe we didn’t need to replace it. Maybe we didn’t use it as much as I thought. I was wrong! I missed it in that week. 

We decided to the Sears Scratch and Dent store and find breakfast near the store. Our first breakfast try had stopped serving breakfast and had moved on to lunch. Lunch?! It was only 10:20. 

Next try thanks to Yelp was Husker Cafe and it was perfect. Nothing fancy but I had wonderful cheese grits, perfectly done eggs, a piece of fried chicken in a bowl. Husband had cheese scrambled eggs, grits, bacon, biscuit. Also perfectly done. 

We found a refrigerator and the delivery schedule for our area was Friday! Perfect timing! We’ll have extra space back in week two 2018. 

Thursday night was the night for salad. I had the chicken thawed and needed to use it. I made Salad with Cilantro Jalapeño Pesto. One big change – I used slivered almonds instead of pine nuts. I could only find Chinese pine nuts at the store and know sometimes people have issues with them. I decided to avoid the potential problem.

This was spicy and I like spicy. Sometimes jalapeños are spicy, sometimes not. The pesto was not so spicy that my mouth was numb. I thought it was delicious. 

I spent Thursday afternoon making phone calls for KitchenAid work, a cooking demo in February and scheduled car maintenance. 

Friday is menu planning for myself, chiropractor, hair cut and refrigerator delivery. Still not normal this week two 2018 but pretty good. 

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