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Quick Visit Home

Quick Visit Home

I got home on Friday and it felt like a quick visit home since I left again Wednesday. Travel for work is a big part of summer! 

Friday in Boone, I woke early and was ready to leave the hotel at 6 am.  I got home about noon and needed to think about dinner. 

I have not been shopping for weeks! Last week I did not even write a short list. So, dinner. I asked husband to pick up salad greens. Pizza to the rescue. I had flour and yeast for dough.

I found cooked sausage and sauce in the freezer. The fridge had pepperoni, fresh mozzarella from library programs and the pantry sun dried tomatoes. A plan! 

I let the dough rise about 1 1/2 hours, longer than usual. 

Before and after picture. I even had leftovers. Not bad for no shopping in weeks.

Saturday I woke with the realization that we would again need dinner. I did not want to leave the house. Problem. I decided to concentrate on breakfast and worry about dinner later. 

I had sausage cheese biscuits in the freezer and we had eggs. Perfect. I foraged more in the freezer and found meatballs. The basement had home canned tomato sauce. Spaghetti and meatballs for dinner. 

Of course there are leftovers of pasta, not meatballs but husband needs to eat Wednesday so that will work.

Menu Planning

I planned a menu and we shopped on Sunday! So much better for me with a plan. And vegetables. 

Also office work on Sunday to get ready for my personal chef customer. Luckily I had help in the office. The printer is still fascinating after 7 or so years. 

I cooked for my wonderful, flexible personal chef customer on Monday. I was away, she was away, it had been a couple of weeks. She hugged me when I got there. It’s nice to be missed. 

I made Greek chicken and a quinoa salad, salmon cakes, pork wraps and more. 

I wanted something easy for dinner for myself so decided to make the cod instead of the stir fry. More prep with the stir fry. The cod was great. I made only two pieces of fish but kept the sauce the same. We had good bread with it to get all of the tomatoes and sauce. 

Tuesday was chiropractor, bank and day off! Stir fry for dinner since there was more chopping and I had time. I made a recipe from Cook’s Illustrated and followed it almost exactly. 

It was great! I used steak tips because I had them from my Butcher Box. I marinated the meat about 30 minutes and cooked it in batches. While the meat marinated, I prepped the rest of the ingredients. Stir fry recipes need to be prepped. 

Visit Home Over

Wednesday I slept in and packed. Not for North Carolina but for Indiana. A quick trip to present at The Food Service Seminar for Southern Indiana. I didn’t need much so had room in my suitcase and yes, help again.

She did not go.  I put chef clogs and makeup on “her” side. She’s been very attentive. 

I flew into Louisville, KY, got my rental and drove to Jasper, IN. There was a restaurant beside the hotel, the desk people said it was great, I walked over. 

It’s called The Schnitzelbank Restaurant and my meal was good. And no driving!

I decided on total German – schnitzel, red cabbage and spatzle. 

Walked back to  the the hotel, decided that since I am an adult, 6:30 was not too early for a nightshirt and bed. I remember the good old days when I begged my mom and cried to stay up “at least until it’s dark”! Not now. 

Thursday morning, up at 6, left hotel at 7:30 and arrived at the event center about 8. Kevin the tech person was there to get my power point all set. People started arriving and my presentation started at 9. 

I did the same presentation with the other half of the group at 10 and then had a break. Cute break napkins. 

After lunch,  the rooms were combined and I did the last presentation to the entire group, almost 300 people. Huge room! 

Everything went well, back to the airport, flight out at 7:20, home about 9:30. No plans for Friday.  Day off! 

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