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Travel Time

Travel Time

Vacation time, home time, travel time. Travel for work, not vacation. I had an interesting home time since last I wrote. 

I mentioned that I had a slight accident when on vacation. It could have been worse, my knee got pretty well scraped, healing was going well. Nothing broken no major damage.

Patti and I saw poison ivy while falling and walking, but I didn’t think much of it. I never got it growing up, hadn’t been exposed for a while. Until about Thursday when I started seeing signs of it. Very itchy, very awful, very glad I had days off and had home time.

Menu Plan

  • Friday – normal except for itching, pork roast
  • Saturday – still itching, leftovers since husband worked and I did nothing
  • Sunday – no idea, luckily found bolognese in the freezer and we shopped so got salad
  • Monday – personal chef day, steaks from the freezer
  • Tuesday – off to KY until Saturday, husband on his own

The pork roast was good. I followed the recipe except I sliced the roast and put it back into the slow cooker with the sauce. Very good. No overwhelming flavors of ginger, lemon or soy, just good.

No pictures because I was suffering from very itchy poison ivy. Sigh. I did discover that benadryl is not an option for me. Makes me feel strange and gives me a headache. I found lavender oil helped a lot. Epsom salt bath with lavender oil – heaven.

Personal Chef Day

Normal Monday chef day except my customer was not home. The family visited grandparents over the weekend so were not there when I arrived. I totally forgot to take pictures until almost the end of the day. 

I decided they needed a little treat since school starts Wednesday, and last week was a demanding week for them. Publix had beautiful, freestone peaches. 

I combined two recipes to make gluten free peach cobbler, both from the Bisquick site. I used the cobbler topping from this, minus the chocolate chips. I used the filling recipe from this recipe. 

The filling cooked at 375 degrees for about 15 minutes, until bubbly without the topping. I then lowered the temperature until 350 degrees, added the topping and baked for 30 minutes.Once home I relaxed a little, snacked a little, did laundry and packed for Kentucky. I had steaks in the freezer and fettuccine with mushrooms from Trader Joe’s. Dinner for us!  

Kentucky Time

Tuesday I got my rental car and headed to Kentucky about 10 am. The drive was fine, a little boring but no problems. I arrived at my Hampton home about 4:30, unpacked and settled in. Since Hampton was home until Saturday, I have my tea setup on the desk, snacks ready (popcorn), fridge settled (cherries). 

My co-teacher Lonnie got in about 7 and we decided that as nice as it was for Hampton to have Taco Tuesday set up in the breakfast area, that we would go out. We ate at Pura Vida, a Costa Rican  restaurant. They have no website, and I forgot pictures because we talked too much. 

The owner was very nice. We were the only people there the entire time we ate. I had empanadas and the owner serenaded us on his guitar. Dinner music! 


Setup day for teaching. Groceries checked in, kitchen stations set, projector technology settled. We couldn’t get into school until 1:00 pm so I bit the bullet and did all my ironing in the morning. Sigh. Not my favorite task and not something I do often.

The school director, manager and the state representative are all wonderful. Once setup was done, we decided on early bird dinner since breakfast was early. Lonnie and I met at 5 and went to Mellow Mushroom.

The hotel free dinner was spaghetti, garlic bread and salad and we chose to go out again. We got there in time for happy hour and chose a lovely margarita. Lonnie also. Just one! 

We got salads because I needed some vegetables, Greek salad for me. Lonnie likes the same foods that I like! We decided on a local only pizza something Mediterranean with olives, peppers, feta, onions, maybe more. Very, very good. Then back home and in our rooms by 7. We are party people. Also class started at 8 am on Thursday. 

Thursday Cooking

We have a lovely group of women for class! Everyone came bright and early and ready to work. The class is split between lecture and hands on in the kitchen so no one has to sit for two 8 hour days. 

The students listen to Lonnie, watch me demo and then do things themselves. The space in the kitchen is good and it’s a lively group since they pretty much know each other. 

My demo space. Volume, weight, liquids, dry ingredients. Have to learn the right technique. Pantry/shared area. There are 22 people in the class and spices are shared. Cafeteria classroom. No pictures Thursday of people, I was working! I had dinner in my room since I was a little tired.The traditional road meal of popcorn and cherries. 

The class is all day Friday also. We start again at 8 and go until we finish, not later than 5. I drive home on Saturday. It’s been a good week of work! 

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