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Towards Normal

Towards Normal 

It will take about a week to get back to normal after the holiday but I’m headed towards normal.

Thursday after dinner, my brilliant friend Patti suggested we put the turkey carcass and leftover stock into the slow cooker. We set it for 13 hours and went to bed. 

Friday morning we strained it, pulled meat from the bones and had meaty broth for the freezer. Perhaps turkey pot pie.

Husband, Patti and I then headed to the Atlanta Botanical Garden to meet our friend Jan. Tom, Patti’s husband decided to stay home, work on pictures and go for a run. Everyone liked their choices. 

It was a gorgeous day for the garden. Husband snapped us – me, Patti, Jan. 

For dinner Friday, my friend Patti had two of her friends over. We had leftovers of course. Patti said that since her friends were grad students, they would be fine with anything we had. 

We had a lovely dinner of everything in the house, including fish cakes, Triscuit pickles, poundcake and everything from Thanksgiving. Not towards normal at all! We had a very nice evening of meeting new people.

Saturday it was time for Patti and Tom to head to Florida. They wanted to be on the road by 6:30 am so no breakfast. We woke up, said goodbye, husband went to get his car’s oil changed, I went back to bed. Everyone was happy with their choices. 

Husband came home, left again about 11:30 to do a photography job. I got out of bed and took a shower. I washed a few loads of clothes, read and made pumpkin pie

Husband and Patti do not like pumpkin pie so I pushed it aside. Moved but not forgotten.

I wanted something more than pie for dinner so when I put the meaty turkey broth in the freezer, I found beef stew. No leftovers for me! 

Towards Normal Menu

I planned my menu Friday sometime. We had a very stress free, relaxing holiday. 

Sunday was back to Buford Highway Farmer’s Market. I purchased mostly produce. I needed green! Shrimp in tomatillo sauce for dinner. I used corn chips as a side dish and used feta since I had feta. 

So delicious and full of green vegetables. 

Monday I was firmly headed towards normal with my personal chef customer. Their menu had no chicken or turkey since they had plenty of that at her parent’s house. 

My customer has Roasted Tomato Soup (no corn), Classic Meatloaf, Braised Pork Chops, BLT Steak Salad  and a couple other recipes to choose from.

I did not braise the pork chops, I incinerated them! I tried to save them but the bottoms were more than overly browned. Chops were black,the skillet was black and I hoped it could be saved. 

I explained to my customer that I had had an incident, I went to the store, bought more chops and started over. Sigh. My customer said she felt better about her cooking incidents since I had incidents too.

The second try went perfectly. Husband and wife were both home, he had chops and slaw for lunch, she had steak salad. 

I had planned an easy meal for us with no chicken or turkey. Mahi Mahi with Thai Coconut Curry Sauce is a recipe I make fairly regularly. Still needed vegetables, so I made rice, added some sliced asparagus to the rice and had a delicious dinner. 

Tuesday Towards Normal

Tuesday was a blank calendar day so I decided to make bread. I always have bread in the freezer so had plenty for house guests but we had breakfast at home 3 days and used bread.

I made sourdough a couple weeks ago so decided to make the multi grain bread. This bread takes one morning to make instead of 3 days so that fit into my week better. 

I used hard red wheat, oats, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, and a cornmeal based hot cereal mix. Also doubled the recipe as usual. 

The menu plan had us going out for dinner before worship service, but Kimberly (worship leader) was sick. Husband left the house about 1:30 to do photography work and said he’d be home around 6. I decided foraging would be best. 

The freezer, Trader Joe’s and salad to the rescue again! Green salad, spanakopita was dinner. 

Wednesday was whatever day since husband had his meeting, towards normal. I foraged in the freezer and found Trader Joe’s mushroom ravioli. Delicious, easy, satisfying. 

Thursday I had a library program in Newnan at the Newnan Carnegie. This program was for adults and was a demonstration which is not what I normally do. It was fun though, good questions and happy people eating.

Husband was my lovely assistant and since we knew we would drive home in lots of traffic, we thought about eating out in Newnan. After discussion, we decided that leaving at 4 wouldn’t be too bad. We headed home.

Traffic was surprisingly not horrendous. We got home close to 6, cleaned dishes, heated the oven. Again with the freezer and Trader Joe’s. The personal chef does not always make delicious meals at home. We chose frozen pizza, added some red pepper flakes and seasoning and had dinner. 

Farther From Normal

I was tired Thursday night. I try and proof my blog on Thursday evening and schedule it to publish Friday morning. Since I’m heading towards normal and not there yet, I didn’t even remember that Friday was next! 

I slept well Thursday night. No work for me Friday and I had a very relaxing day. Cleared the library program equipment off of the dining room table. 

Read with my faithful cat. The cat who does not like to be held but rarely is away from me. Lap, legs, feet, always there. 

As I went to the kitchen to make dinner, not Trader Joe’s from the freezer, but nothing imaginative, I remembered it was Friday and I didn’t publish the blog. 

No dinner pictures of our bison burgers with no buns, salad and chips. Another delicious meal, but no real cooking. 

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