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Final North Carolina for This Summer

This Summer  

I made it home Thursday evening about 8:30 this week. I was tired! My day started at the hotel at 5 am, then on to school, finish the class at 3, drop Lindsey in Charlotte at her hotel and then home. This summer has been quick.

I had to do a little work once home because I had my personal chef customer Friday. We missed two weeks with me being gone one week and their family on vacation one week. She expressed concern about not having me for three weeks. 

I had done the work in my hotel, I just needed to print the grocery list, the menu and make labels. I got that done pretty quickly and slept. We had also agreed to starting later in the day. Love the flexibility of my customer! 

The menu was Cilantro Lime Potato Salad, Steak Rolls, Carrot Salad, Turkey Burgers, and more. In addition I had two helpers who made the potato salad, carrot salad and steak rolls. School started on Monday so they were in the final days of this summer. 

Saturday my plan was to do nothing! A much needed day off. I started the day with a breakfast of cherries and popcorn. No judgment, it was my day off. Lunch was a couple slices of cheese with popcorn. Yes, popcorn again. And then a few pistachios for a late afternoon snack. 

Menu Plan – None

I needed a better dinner but we have not been to the store in forever! Luckily I had some rosemary left from my personal chef day and a few potatoes. I almost always have lemons and there were some chives in the yard. 

I roasted salmon (freezer) with the lemon and rosemary. Potatoes were smashed with garlic and chives. Husband’s reaction when he saw the fish – “that came out of our refrigerator!”.

Sunday morning i managed breakfast with bacon (freezer), eggs (the last ones) and bagels (freezer). I was kind of craving grits but the freezer failed me, no grits! We needed to go out for dinner because my creativity was done. 

I drove to Asheville on Monday for the last week of North Carolina. Asheville is a good final week of North Carolina for this summer. I went directly to the school to meet Chef Cyndie and do set up. 

The final week of North Carolina this summer and another great kitchen. Lots of space to work in which is great with 24 people working in the kitchen. 

Great classroom space too. Lots of light and a view of the trees. 

Final Week of Restaurant Eating

Since neither Cyndie or I had eaten lunch, once we finished set up we checked into the hotel and decided on Thai for an early dinner. We could walk to dinner! I love moving even if standing all day. Unfortunately the restaurant was closed for some kind of maintenance but we went to Wasabi up the street. 

No pictures because we talked too much. Good dinner though of spicy tuna roll and a shrimp/scallop stir fry for me. Back to the hotel to rest. 

Tuesday the students arrived, we covered basics of knife skills and made our lunch salads. No pictures, we were hungry! 

Tuesday night Cyndie and I went to the Thai restaurant! We are persistent. We had some steamed dumplings and I had a rice noodle dish with catfish. Pretty good again. And no pictures again because of too much taking. At least we have conversation at dinner. 

Wednesday was the big eating day. I took some pictures finally. Pico de gallo cups and tzatziki sauce with fresh vegetables. 

Corn and tomato salad and fruit explosion. 

Chilaquiles, roasted root vegetables and roasted parmesan broccoli. Just a few of the 20 or so recipes for today. Lots of tasting and reviewing. 

No dinner out Wednesday night. When we went to the grocery store to pick up a few things for Thursday’s cooking, I got some popcorn, a couple slices of cheese and a couple slices of turkey. Just a snack in the room. 

Thursday was the final day of class for this summer! We covered going above and beyond with merchandising, communication. garnishing and goal setting. And of course made lunch. 

One of my favorites – gourmet grilled cheese. Bake them in the oven with a sheet pan on top to crisp both sides. 

Cyndie and I left about 3:45, I dropped her at the hotel and I went to do some shoe shopping. Cyndie didn’t go since she was in Asheville last weekend and apparently went over her shoe limit then. She encouraged me to go though. 

The store was Discount Shoes and I was very reasonable with my shopping. I purchased two pairs of shoes for work. One basic and one fancy. Since I was out and I knew that once I got back to the hotel I wouldn’t leave again, I went to dinner at FarmBurger.

I was pretty tired Thursday evening so went to sleep early so I could be on my way home Friday morning. I planned to check out some farmer’s markets because I know we haven’t grocery shopped for a while! 

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