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Chef Carlin is THE consummate professional with an eye on fun and teaching. I have done MANY trade shows over the years but have yet to experience the “Carlinazation” of my booth as I experienced at the High School Culinary Arts show this past Friday at the International trade and convention center in College Park, Ga. Chef Carlin MADE the show, not just for Manning Brothers but for the ENTIRE gathering. At times there were 50 to 75 students and teachers clustered around our booth listening in rapt awe as to what she had to both say and demonstrate. As a wise man once said:” Presentation without Demonstration is mere Conversation”. Chef Carlin had these Culinary Arts students in the palm of her hand. Thanks to Chef Carlin and for her love and passion for what she does. We made a MESS but boy, it was fun! I’d LOVE to utilize her skills at Manning Brothers and show how diverse Kitchenaid is in any kitchen, not just in schools. What a great Woman. Makes me cry!

Chuck Day President Manning Brothers Food Service Equipment


Dear Carlin,

 Thank you again and Bartey (Sp?) for so graciously offering up your time and creating a memorable meal and experience for so many last Saturday night.  The students just raved about how much they enjoyed it and you, and although we can agree it was quite an effort, it was a huge success. 

Lauren NCLF


Hi Carlin,

Thank you so much for this follow up and for the most fun day I have had in ages. I am excited to try all of these wonderful things and look forward to another time with you in the near future.

Spalding loved the shrimp and mango sauce! I knew that would be his favorite and so therefore didn’t want to eat any ahead of time!

Dinner was delicious last night! Thanks again for filling my freezer with yummy food!

Have a great weekend!
Tried to snap a picture to show you how much we BOTH enjoyed tonight’s supper. Some weird white light spoiled the photo — something wrong with my camera maybe — tried several times with the same result –but perhaps the empty plates and happy husband came through. Wonderful for me especially because I’ve had so little appetite for anything lately.
Of everything you’ve cooked so far my “top2” are last week’s potato cheddar soup and tonight’s stuffed baked fish with the dilled mashed potatoes. Absolutely fantastic meal to come home to after chemo!
Thank you so much.