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Short Week at Home

Short Week

Another week, not normal at all even though it’s a short week. Friday I made the souvlaki and it was okay. 

I marinated the pork overnight in lemon, garlic, olive oil and oregano and expected it to be more flavorful and more tender. It was okay, not great. 

In addition to the pork, we had salad and twice baked potatoes. I baked the potatoes, mashed with olive oil and oregano and added some feta. They went back into the oven to warm up more. 

Saturday we had the leftover pork cold with some feta leek appetizers. The pork was more flavorful Saturday. There were two halves of potatoes left for lunch during the week.

Sunday I worked for KitchenAid at a bridal event. The event was 9 to 11 before the store opened so the couples could relax and take their time, talk to vendors and employees. 

Once home we needed breakfast, hello Waffle House and went off to do our grocery shopping. 

Not Normal

Monday was not personal chef day. My client went to Florida since the kids were on break from school. My client’s parents live in Florida so they visit when they can. 

Instead of cooking, I prepared for a luncheon on Tuesday. My dining room table turned into my packing area. In addition to food, I needed plates, cups, napkins, utensils, serving pieces, chafing dishes. So much! 

Maybe a short week, but a busy week. Tuesday I traveled to Olde Town Grayson to prepare a luncheon. I’ve worked with Smith Douglas in the past. Last time I cooked for them it was at the clubhouse. This time it was at the model home, yes the appliances work, for brokers and realtors to earn continuing education credits. 

I got to listen to the first part of the class while I was in the kitchen, then I served, gathered my serving pieces and was on my way home at 11:30. Happy, full people when I left. 

I made some fresh mozzarella/roasted red pepper sandwiches for the luncheon and they looked great. And people ate them quickly. Once home I made a version for us. Delicious! 

In addition I made honey lime fruit salad, roast beef sandwiches, snickerdoodle bars. No pictures, too busy! 

My dinner plan was pretty simple, kind of retro, comfort food. I have been craving a wedge salad so I made that with a bison burger on the side. No buns. Or as husband said “a deconstructed burger”. 

Wednesday errand day. Bank, packing, organizing for the trip to New York for conference. Very excited and trying to go beyond my comfort zone to meet new people, network and immerse in the experience. 

Long Day, Short Week

Long day in this short week. Left the house at 7:15, flight at 10:30, got to New York no problems. Checked in to the hotel, had some lunch, relaxed.

Outside my comfort zone for dinner with a group of 8 women. The dinner was led by a coach, Casey Benedict and it was wonderful. Even though networking is terrifying to me and meeting strangers! In addition to the networking, brainstorming, ideas, and talk the food was good.

Time for sleep! I have a class tomorrow to learn to make bagels. Fun and food!

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