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No More Home, Road Trip

Home Menu Wrap

Finished up the week with Friday pizza night and Saturday pot roast before my road trip. The quick pizza dough from King Arthur Flour is a favorite. I made two pizzas and put one piece of dough in the freezer. 

I sautéed mushrooms, cooked sausage, sliced mozzarella, scamorza from CalyRoad, roasted tomatoes, parmesan, so good! 

My favorite pizza peel and pizza cutter from Epicurean

Saturday pot roast took a long time. I got a scotch tender roast in my ButcherBox and and never cooked that before. I searched for recipes, found one, modified it slightly. It turned out well but I cooked it about 5 hours, not two. 

Road Trip

Sunday I needed to pack and get ready for the week away. Leftover pizza and salad to the rescue! No menu planning, no grocery shopping. 

I had a very long day Monday. In my mind, the plan always sounds fine, but then I think I might have thought more.

I cooked for my personal chef customer because this was my only day of the week, she was going out of town, in laws were coming and she really likes the food! She told me that I was one of her favorite people. Love my customers. 

I made Peruvian Roasted Chicken, Antipasti Salad, Pork Tenderloin with Bacon and Fennel, Farmer’s Market Potato Salad and a couple other recipes. 

Once finished cooking, I raced home, showered, picked up a car and headed to  Mississippi and The Institute of Child Nutrition. I picked up a salad from Newk’s, ate in my room and relaxed. Very long day.

Away From Home 

Tuesday was set up day for the training. I am team teaching with Bernadette, another instructor. She had the classroom lecture and I had the kitchen labs. We worked hard and were ready for lunch about 12:30.

I suggested Big Bad Breakfast, and she agreed! I decided on the With Signs Following and Grits and it was an excellent decision. 

We finished up our planning, organizing and setup and headed back to home, the Inn. Bernadette had plans for dinner so I went on my own.

In order to get in some exercise, I walked down to the square and had a great dinner at Boure.  I went with the salmon special and then walked back up to the Inn. No shuttle for me! 

Road Trip Cooking 

The students arrived on Wednesday for the first day of training. This is team training were a dietician and a chef are paired to teach. The class was a mixture of chefs and dietitians and some ICN staff.

Everyone got into the action of cooking, leading, planning, cleaning, and eating. 

For dinner, I walked down to the square again (and back up to the Inn) to get my catfish fix at Ajax. I don’t think I have ever ordered anything except the catfish, macaroni and cheese and turnip greens. 

A great week of training! Met new people, had fun, ready to go home. Friday bright and early on the road for the road trip home. 

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