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Quiet Week

Quiet Week

This week has been a little more quiet than normal. A quiet week is not a bad thing every once in a while. 

Friday was not as crazy as last year. Arrival time – 7 am. I had most of the necessary equipment, some came from Manning Brothers and Vollrath.

There was enough time to eat a mozzarella stick before students started arriving. Once the students arrived things were pretty busy. I made pasta from 8:30 until about 12:30. Carolyn from Vollrath cooked and served the pasta. Margie made chocolate covered frozen bananas and brownies. 

We broke down about 12:30 and I was on the road at 1. I thought I’d be at the event until 2 so no traffic concerns. Once home I was pretty hungry and husband and I had leftover meatballs, hummus and sauce. Perfect! 

After a nap, some relaxing, I made a late dinner of French toast and sausage. Challah French toast from the bread I made. Oh so good! 

I whisk eggs with cinnamon and vanilla, let the slices soak and then cook in butter. I cooked in batches and held the slices in a 200 degree oven. 

Saturday morning I had nothing planned! Nothing. Even on the menu. I read, did some knitting,  watched silly movies, had a great day. For breakfast I heated the leftover potato cakes and sausage and made some eggs. Perfect for a do nothing day. 

My new coaster was delivered. Fiona! 

I had husband check out the menu and he came back and said “there is nothing written”. Exactly. We ended up ordering pizza that husband picked up. I did nothing. Wonderful Saturday. 

Menu Plan

Sunday was grocery shopping. It was a cold and rainy day but since I did nothing on Saturday, I thought I could go out. 

The plan was to grill on Sunday but too rainy and cold. I made my own version of a sheet pan dinner. I rubbed the pork tenderloin with my favorite lamb seasoning. The potato wedges got a little olive oil and truffle salt, salt and pepper on the okra. 

I set the oven at 400 convection and the potatoes went in first for about 22 minutes. I added the pork and okra for about 22 minutes more and dinner was done. And good.

No Super Bowl for us. Just a normal quiet Sunday.  

Real Life Menu

Monday was personal chef day. I cooked some customer favorites, meltingly marvelous chicken, fennel pork roast, classic chopped salad per 8 year old request, and few other items. 

Usually my Monday home meal is easy since I’ve already cooked a lot. I made this soup recipe and it was wonderful. 

Mine is not bright green because I did not puree a part of the soup with the basil. I added the basil to the soup. I did not make green curry, I use this brand

Tuesday I woke up with a cold! I blame husband who had a sinus infection and was sneezing and coughing. I avoided the cold I thought but no. Luckily the meal was easy again since I was hungry and did not have enough patience to let him make dinner. He did offer. 

Another all in one meal and I followed the recipe mostly. I cooked the fettuccine and then used the same pan to cook the chicken and spinach. Once the chicken was cooked I let the spinach wilt with the spinach. Oh, I also cubed the chicken before I browned it. 

Another good dinner! 

Wednesday was supposed to be a fun day but things changed and I had to admit that I had a cold and should stay home. I cancelled my speaking at a middle school for career day. I also cancelled our attendance at the potluck with our worship group so I would not expose anyone else to cold germs. 

Husband went to his meeting and I made some pasta with leftover sauce I found in the fridge. Easy and tasty. I got some knitting in.

Thursday and I still had the cold. Logically I knew that colds take a few days to go away. I just don’t like not feeling well. I had a craving for pancakes so made Brown Sugar Oatmeal Pancakes. Husband joined me and said he’d eat less at his lunch date. 

I pretty much slept, read, did not knit like Wednesday since my head hurt. I had some chicken for lunch, husband was volunteering at school. 

When husband got home, I explained that the fish and slaw was moving to Friday. He understood and told me to let him know what I wanted to eat and when. I told him that I was craving either a milkshake or a bagel. He took a bagel out of the freezer.

Not an exciting dinner, I made some eggs and a bagel. Husband would have done it but I am a control freak. And hate admitting that I can’t do something. He made eggs for himself. 

Fish moves to Friday, pasta to Saturday which works since I had question marks on Saturday. And the cold needs to leave! 

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