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Very Quick Visit Home

Very Quick Visit Home

I left Mooresville, NC Thursday after class and drove home.  I knew I’d be home before dark and could have a quick visit home before leaving again Sunday. 

Dinner was a bagel toasted with cheese and delicious peanut butter chocolate pie that husband made. No judging on dinner, I needed that with hot tea. 

The recipe was in this magazine. Very good pie and husband said it was a pretty easy to make. I have a subscription to the magazine but this is the special pie edition. 

When I get home on a quick visit, I usually like to do nothing. Late shower, dressing in clothes that no one outside my house should ever see and being a cat basically. I had to change that plan.

 My back didn’t hurt, I wanted to keep that feeling so I had a chiropractor appointment Friday morning.  I showered and got dressed in outside clothes. 

After the chiropractor I visited the bank and returned my rental car. Husband picked me up, we had breakfast at Chick Fil A and headed to a storage unit fairly close to home. I take advantage of being dressed in outside clothes. 

I volunteered (and husband volunteered too) to help some fellow IACP members clean out and organize a storage unit. We discovered treasures – pictures, materials from when the organization was started and lots of trash. 

I had a great time working with others.  Some of the treasures will be shown at the 4oth anniversary conference, some will be archived and some digitized. History preserved. 

We needed cool ice cream after that and drove to The Frosty Caboose down the street. Then home! I organized mail (bills), napped and figured out dinner. I washed clothes that I would pack Sunday. 

Back to Doing Nothing

We needed to eat at home. I had no menu plan, no groceries, but I had the freezer. Chicken soup to the rescue. Fancy labeling. 

Saturday I did not shower early, did not dress in outside clothes and did little.  Freezer to the rescue again with steaks, pasta and salad (husband picked up some greens). 

Sunday was back to North Carolina. I cooked breakfast first. No need to eat on the road. I didn’t make anything fancy, just potatoes and eggs. I shredded the potatoes and made a giant potato cake and some over easy eggs. 

Then my now normal Sunday – pick up the car, drive north on 85, stop at Charlotte airport to get Chef Lindsey (from Austin), continue on to Monroe. We arrived about 5:15 and looked for a place to eat. 

We chose Crust & Jam for pizza and salad. There were several places that looked interesting but most were closed on Sunday. We had a good salad and the Vampire Pizza.

Adventure Day

Monday was setup day and we had an adventure. I follow Debbie Burgess of Fox Trot Farm on Facebook. I know Debbie from many, many years ago because she was a personal chef. 

She posted on Facebook over the weekend about farm tours and mentioned that if you were in the Monroe, Waxhaw area, come and tour. I messaged her and said that I thought I would be near her. She’s in SC and I don’t know all of the areas. 

She replied that I would be near and she’d love to see me. We settled on Monday and Lindsey was up for the adventure. The farm was about 30 minutes from school and was beautiful. 

There are some pet animals but they also raise lambs for meat. And they have eggs. We toured. Lovely evening outside 


Chickens for eggs and lambs for meat. Guard dog on the left of the picture with the lambs.

We went out to dinner with Debbie and Bob and had a very nice time. Not usual to have such wonderful side trips while working. 

Back to Work! 

Tuesday was the first day of class. Students are from all over North Carolina. Not a shy group! Salads are made with one presentation salad in a clear salad box and the remainder served family style for tasting. 

No after work adventure on Tuesday. We had a good dinner at Chokh Di Noodle House. No website, no pictures but good Thai food. 

Wednesday is lots for lunch day. Such a good group and such good food. 

Dinner out again with Lindsey. We chose Taquiera la Unica in Indian Lake and had a good dinner. 

Thursday was the last day! Lots to still cover, more recipes to try and even some garnishing. 

Lindsey and I finished class and graduation at 3. 

Once we left the school, I dropped Lindsey off at her hotel near the Charlotte airport so Friday she can fly home to Austin. I drove home so I could have a personal chef day Friday. 

Saturday I plan to do nothing (laundry of course) and back to NC Sunday. Quick visit home again! 

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