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Personal Chef Services

A personal chef can help you enjoy meals prepared in your home using fresh, seasonal ingredients. You can avoid the drive thru but still eat quick, delicious meals prepared according to your taste. 
Let Chef Carlin work with you so you can enjoy delicious meals. Love carrots? Don’t love broccoli? Like onions but don’t want to see them? A personal chef works with you so you eat exactly what you love. 


How a Personal Chef Service Works

We first meet to discuss your likes and dislikes. During that meeting we create a menu and choose a date for Chef Carlin to come to your home and prepare your meals. For future dates, Chef Carlin will send menu suggestions for your approval.

Chef Carlin will shop the morning of the cook day and the meal preparation generally takes 4 hours. You do not need to be home and Chef Carlin loves pets. 

Chef Carlin takes care of the menu planning, grocery shopping for the cook day, any necessary equipment, meal preparation, packaging, cooking instructions and clean up. You come home to family meals custom prepared for you, in your kitchen, by your personal chef. 

Frequency of a Personal Chef Service

Chef Carlin would love to schedule a service for you. Personal chef services are customized for your lifestyle, you might need one time, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly service. 

Chef Carlin is flexible in scheduling meals for yourself, family or friends. You might have a busy season at work, a new baby, health issues, Chef Carlin can provide assistance as needed. 

Pricing for Service

Three Entrees/Three Side Dishes generously serving at least 4  people costs $450. This includes the cost of menu planning, groceries and packaging. 

Think about what you spend eating out at an average priced restaurant. Consider cost of the meal, a glass of wine or a cocktail, the tip and the time it takes to wait for our table. Eating at home can be much less costly depending on how often you eat out. 

Custom Meals for You

Personal chef meals are customized to your tastes and dietary needs. The BBQ Pork Wraps sound good but you’d prefer chicken or shrimp? Just let Chef Carlin know. 

You’d like an Asian Bowl but want noodles rather than quinoa, or rice rather than pasta? Again, just let Chef Carlin know your tastes. 

Personal meals prepared to your tastes and packaged for ease of dining. Meals can be packaged family style or as individual meals. 

Don’t use the drive thru. Grab a salad, bowl or wrap from home and eat on the run. Take it to the soccer field, the office, for after your work out. Convenient and delicious. 

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