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Officially Summer!

It seems like it’s been summer for a couple of weeks now, hot and humid. But it is now officially summer and that means simple meals, cold meals, salads to me. And because I am still working often, I like easy with probability of more than one meal. 

Weekly plan:

  • Sunday – church, relax, cold roasted shrimp, tomatoes and mozzarella, roast chicken for later while roasting shrimp
  • Monday – Sheet Pan Pork and make bread since we are on our last loaf
  • Tuesday – Fajita Lunch Bowls and late library program
  • Wednesday – Pasta with Cherry Tomatoes, afternoon library program
  • Thursday – Burgers, Okra, Salad, personal chef customer
  • Friday – Fajita Bowls (the recipe made 4!)
  • Saturday – Leftover Pork from Monday

We’ll see what actually happens. Last week I followed the plan and made everything I thought I would. I did shift the pasta alfredo and salmon to Saturday but that worked since I had given up planning before Saturday.

Sunday went well. We went to church and since it was Father’s Day King of Pops was ready on the sidewalk. I had raspberry lime. Then off to the Buford Highway Farmer’s Market for groceries for the week.  We decided to also pick up some lunch since the pop was delicious but not lunch. I choose a fresh spring roll and salmon sushi, husband went with fried rice and chicken wings. We brought the food home and ate lunch after we dragged the groceries in. And there may have been a short nap.

I heated the oven while we had lunch and then popped in the chicken breasts to roast. I prepped the remaining ingredients for the fajita bowls and husband cleaned shrimp. Roasted the shrimp for about 9 minutes, cooled them and we had them cold for dinner with fresh tomatoes and fresh mozzarella. Perfect!

Monday went well also. No library programs, but chiropractor, bank, library, library shopping, bread baking for us, dinner for us. I got a lot accomplished!

The sheet pan pork was nice, all on one pan. I had bigger potatoes so just tried to chunk them in similar sizes. The onion cooked perfectly and the sage was not overpowering. And yes, leftovers!



Tuesday I had a library program at Calhoun Gordon Library which is a little far from home, about 1 1/2 hours.


The program started at 4:00 so I knew we’d be home pretty late and would want to eat, not prepare any food. This is where the fajita bowls come in! I put two bowls (containers) on the counter while we unloaded the car, loaded the dishwasher and then were ready to eat. It was almost 8 pm, so no time to cook. Perfect! I know, refrigerator lighting isn’t perfect.


Wednesday another library program, this time south of the city. This program was for teens again. So happy to see so many at the library! 


I was not sure about making dinner but I did and it was great! It is a lot of mint but the mint does not make the sauce taste like toothpaste, I was a little worried about that. Pasta with Burst Cherry Tomatoes was delicious and easy. I made one change and used bacon since I always have bacon in the freezer. 



Thursday I was scheduled to cook for my personal chef customer but they had to cancel so I spent the day on errands – Office Depot, pick up check from client, stock up for library programs (in addition to food I need paper plates, paper for recipes, plastic ware), stock up on salmon for the freezer from Costco (in season now), bank. We forgot the Dollar Store (tablecloths) and the bird seed store. 

For dinner I made hamburgers on the grill stuffed with some blue cheese I found in the refrigerator, grilled okra, a small side of tomatoes with arugula. Very good, no pictures. I think I have mentioned that I love our Big Green Egg

Today is another library program, this one also far, almost to South Carolina. Not sure about dinner but think it will be foraging with salad. I have tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, a little prosciutto and should be able to find something for a meal. I thought the fajita bowls had been in the fridge too long, I have food safety issues. The pork went into the freezer because I didn’t think I wanted more meat this week. 

Another library program tomorrow back in Calhoun. They asked me to do two so of course I agreed. No menu planning for me this week because I leave on Sunday for a week working in North Carolina. I’ll be assisting with workshops for the North Carolina Culinary Institute

Husband is on his own next week but the freezer has a variety of delicious, personal chef prepared meals ready to go including sheet pan pork! 

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  1. Debra Begg says:

    I was in your class in Calhoun. I just wanted to say I had a wonderful time, an experience. I also hope you teach another class, because I will be one of the first to sign up. Thank you again!!