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North Carolina Bound

North Carolina Bound

Time for travel again. North Carolina bound, this time Boone. No menu planning for me this week. In fact, on Friday I had a haircut and we decided to go out to lunch. 

Since I’m leaving for a week, we won’t eat together for a while so we decided to try a new to us restaurant Hola. Loved it. I ordered the burrito de puerco and it was wonderful. Husband liked his pork tacos. We will go back and try more things, maybe a margarita too.

Had a few errands to run – new cat toy, strawberries for the library program Saturday and a few things from Trader Joe’s. North Carolina bound with Trader Joe supplies!

Important cat toy. Layla, aka The Demon, carries this all around the house. She’ll bring it up to the office, into bed, the dining room. No idea why, but the last one was destroyed and this seems to be important work for her. 

Since I drive to North Carolina, I do not travel light. Tea station in my hotel room? Of course,  with my electric kettle, French press, honey and half and half. Refrigerator with some fruit, some yogurt, maybe a few cookies. I tried this yogurt a week or so ago and loved it. 

One Last Library Program

Saturday was the last library program of the summer season. It was the farthest too. And early so we had a 5 am wake up. The last macaroni and cheese building! All went well. Thanks Chickamauga! 

Once home, laundry in, equipment washed thanks to husband and a nap. Dinner was a salad with fresh mozzarella, a couple slices prosciutto and some eggs (supposed to be soft but were hard boiled). 

The dining room stayed neat for about 25 seconds with the library program things out. I used it for the North Carolina staging area. Sigh. 

Since I couldn’t pick up the rental car until noon, I decided to make breakfast at home. I had buttermilk left from the Three Milk cake. I decided to make Shirley Corriher’s biscuits.   They don’t look like much when the dough is done, but they are delicious! 

Very wet dough. I brushed with butter. 

Once baked they looked much better and the taste is great. Husband had some left for Monday.  

I made herb and cream cheese scrambled eggs too. Another item that looks awful at first but then comes together nicely. Tasty too.

And then it was off to Boone, NC. Not a bad drive, took about 5 hours. The hotel was nice and lots of places to eat. Sometimes the restaurant situation is not great.

Time for Work

I met Vahista in the lobby Monday morning at 11:00. We decided to have lunch at Melanie’s Food Fantasy. Flowers outside and delicious food too. We both decided on Eggs DaVinci.

The school was about 30 minutes from Boone so once full off we went. Good space, lots of room, setup day done. Dinner was at Coyote Kitchen and it was good. Totally forgot to take a picture of my tacos. 

Tuesday was the first day of class for the students. Twenty four people again. This time there is a classroom, kitchen and cafeteria, so much space! Beginning of class shot, Vahista teaching.

Tuesday went well, knife skills, salad making, getting to know each other and the kitchen. 

Vahista and I had another great dinner Tuesday evening. We decided to try Joy Bistro and glad we did. We each decided to get the peach, bibb lettuce, proscuitto salad. 

Vahista got the trout, I decided on the North Carolina tuna special.

Work, work, work

Wednesday was cooking, lots of cooking. To that we say:

While the class was cooking, I was organizing the take home equipment each student takes back to their school. The boxes were in a science room so I spent some time with Steve while I unpacked. 

Steve seemed interested in the merchandising platters, bowls, thermometers, knife sharpeners, cutting boards, cutting board holders and more. I used cafeteria tables to place all of the equipment and saw a sign that I hadn’t seen. Loved it.

Once I was done it was just about time for lunch. 

Roasted root vegetables went quickly. Not one cube left of the carrots, turnips, rutabagas and sweet potatoes. In addition to the class at lunch, the principal just happened by, the school superintendent, the custodial staff and several other guests. 

Pico cups using the knife skills and fresh produce. 

Sweet potatoes with oat crunch topping. One of my favorites! 

No dinner Wednesday night for me. I had some pumpkin seeds, plums, tea and maybe a couple cookies. Perfect choices for a night in. 

Thursday was the last day of class. Such a wonderful week. The class was so much fun, nice people, open and happy. Chef Vahista, Tammy (child nutrition director at Avery County) and me. Tammy hosted the class at one of her schools. 

Graduation went quickly, students left, Vahista headed to Charlotte to the airport. She lives in Texas. Back to the Hampton for me. I decided to go to dinner and decided to eat at Proper

I listened to my server when he recommended chicken if I had never eaten at Proper. Yes, it was good. The restaurant is in a cute brick house.

Friday travel day back to Georgia. I love my job.




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