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Normal, sigh.

Normal, Sigh

I’ve been trying, but a normal schedule is just not going to occur the rest of this year. I will be happy now if I can just know the day of the week. Normal, sigh.

So Friday the forecast was for snow. Not a lot of snow, just a little. No schools were closed, the ground was warm, nothing major. A light dusting when I left the house.

I headed out to do my KitchenAid work. As I was shopping for demo ingredients, I heard that a couple schools were closing early. I called the store to make sure it made sense for me to do my KitchenAid work and went on my way. 

Once I arrived, the snow was coming down much harder. It wasn’t stopping. More schools had early release, the temperature was dropping, the snow was coming down. So fluffy, so much. 

The store sent people home early and I decided to leave early also. The roads were slushy, there was a lot of traffic, but I made it home. It took me three times the usual time, but I was home. 

It was snowing! So much, so fluffy. Husband made it home and we had a lovely dinner of the pasta moved from Thursday.

Except for the pasta shape, I followed the recipe. I was slightly worried about dry pasta, but it came out well and did not need additional liquid. Leftovers too! 

Plans Change

I had planned to work for KitchenAid on Saturday, but we had much more snow than predicted, so I called and explained that I’d reschedule. We had about 7 inches of snow. Not normal. 

Since we were home and relaxing, I thought it was Sunday. Sundays are made for good breakfasts. I like stone ground grits, add a little cheese and butter, SO good. 

The rest of the day I worked on knitting, listened to This American Life, read, napped, relaxed. I love snow days! 

Dinner was easy since I expected to be working. I baked potatoes, seared steaks finished in the oven and made a salad. Perfect Saturday night steak dinner. 

I made my menu plan, and then on Sunday we shopped. The sun was out and snow was melting.

No problems getting to the store. 

Sunday I made bolognese with ground bison and penne pasta. I added fresh basil and red pepper flakes. Perfect snow day dinner. 

Different Week

Monday, not normal, sigh. I changed my personal chef day to Tuesday so I could see my dentist. Nothing major, just my normal appointment that was scheduled 6 months in advance. I may never know what day it is. 

Since we had bison on Sunday, I changed the menu schedule to make meatballs on Monday. I used ground pork, panko and purchased salsa verde. Delicious! 

I served them with rice and black beans. Leftovers for dinner this week and maybe even some for the freezer.

Made it to my personal chef day on Tuesday! I had one issue, needed to go to the store for butter lettuce. Not normal, sigh, but could have been worse. Nothing incinerated.

The menu:  Vegetable Beef Soup, Sonoma Chicken Salad, Pumpkin Chip Muffins  Classic Pot Roast and a couple other items. I did not add the potatoes to the pot roast recipe. I made garlic mashed potatoes separately. 

Dinner out Tuesday night before Wellspring Worship service.  Finally normal! We ate at Arepa Mia, one of my favorite places. I tried a new arepa with chicken but had to get the avocado, hearts of palm, pickled onion salad that I love. 

Baking Time

I was off on Wednesday and decided to bake instead of knit. I had enough time in the week to make sour dough bread so started that on Tuesday by refreshing the starter. Wednesday I made the leaven. 

Since I was already in the kitchen, I decided to make a cake. I am not a baker but am trying to practice more so chose German Chocolate Cake. I need lots of time to bake, concentrate, read, measure, weigh and not get distracted. 

Baking started at 9:30 with the filling and that went well. While ingredients were coming to room temperature and the oven was heating, I had some breakfast. 

I made sure to read the recipe and since the recipe gave weight measurements, I used my scale. Anything for success! 

And it worked. The cakes came out of the pans, the filling was a great consistency and the frosting creamy. 

Thursday off again but had some serious office work to do. I started my bulk bread proofing hoping I could also bake on Thursday. After several hours of working, I had my office work pulled together so I decided I needed lunch.

No judgment! I decided that cake was perfect for lunch since I had a good breakfast earlier with husband. A little celebration lunch for finishing something I spent too long doing. 

After lunch, bulk proofing, reading a little, I shaped my bread and set it to rise. I like to make 4 loaves since the process takes 3 days. Love my freezer.

While the bread rose I just relaxed. No nap today and didn’t get to knitting again. I had leftover meatballs and rice for dinner. I had enough meatballs for a freezer package too. Yay! 

The bread was ready to go in the oven about 7. The house was filled with warm bread aroma. 

I decided to keep the celebration day going and had a bath with epsom salts and lavender essential oil. I am a party woman. Friday the schedule was chiropractor, bank and haircut. That’s a pretty normal sequence for a day after a pretty great week.

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